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6 secret weapons to get you far more replies that you thought were possible with cold emails



Follow-up like a King

…without lifting a finger

Have as many follow-ups as you need to get your prospect to respond. No more time wasted tracking who respond and who doesn’t, we take care of that for you even if they respond from a different email address.


Be Personal

…at scale

Your prospect won’t notice the difference. Your automated emails come straight out of your personal inbox as if you typed them yourself.


Send at the right time

…while you sleep

Automatically contact your prospects daily at a time that makes sense for them without you being involved at all.


Learn key insights

…with actionable metrics

Metrics are useless unless you consider follow-ups as part of the conversation. We do.


Discover what works

….by experimenting

Just add more email variations for each email touch your prospects will receive to discover what resonates most with your target audience.


Master the game

…with latest research

We know our stuff inside out and our dedication to your success goes way beyond making business. You’ll get access the the BEST resources on the internet to be successful with cold emails.

Integrate nicely with those tools

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  • Get the most important metrics in the blink of an eye.
  • Understand how an entire sequence of email performs.
  • Drill down in metrics to optimise reply rate.


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