10 Creative Ways to Use Cold Emails That Have Nothing to Do with Sales


10 Creative Ways to Use Cold Emails That Have Nothing to Do with Sales

December 8, 2017

Everyone thinks of cold email in the most traditional sense – as a lead generator or a tool for making sales for a business. While this is certainly the most likely reason for using cold email, it’s not the only one. Cold email is a powerful tool that connects you to other people, and there are plenty of ways to use it that aren’t sales-focused, or even business-focused at all. In fact, the more you start thinking about cold emails in unconventional ways, the more ideas you can come up with. Start with these cool applications for business, personal, and socializing, and run with it to see what else you can come up with above and beyond these ideas of using cold email to:

1. Promote

Advertise yourself as a job candidate when breaking into a new sector. Use cold email to apply to work with professionals within a specific industry near you, or to let the job market know that you have arrived.

2. Pre-connect

Break the ice and start talking to conference attendees before you arrive at the event. Cold email someone you want to meet with to give them background information or ask questions ahead of time. By the time you are face to face you’ve had at least one conversation.

3. Meet

Make cold email your social secret – connect with people in cities you’re going to visit to make plans or reach out to specialized groups in your own city. Find peers, get to know others with similar interests, and start conversations with people you would never meet otherwise.

4. Start

Find people with common interests who want to form a meetup group. Form mastermind groups, recreational sports teams, or weekend warrior adventure groups based on people with similar interests.

5. Gather

Get recommendations before you travel, find referrals to new products or services, or gather feedback on your business from your existing clients or subscribers. Tap into the resources of those who know best about the subject you’re interested in.

6. Test

Try out the market if you’re thinking of starting a business, particularly if you’re leaving your job to do it and you want to minimize the risk. Understand your market by testing first the waters with your concept.

7. Raise

Find funds for charity by opening people’s eyes up to your cause. Raising awareness and collecting funds for positive change puts cold email to use for the betterment of the planet.

8. Seek

Contact respected thought leaders in industries you’re interested in to show your admiration and see what kind of free advice they’re willing to share with an up and comer, just like they used to be themselves.

9. Share

Connect with other websites and blogs to cross promote, build backlinks, and contribute on shared content. Create relationships to get your work published or have your articles shared with another network.

10. Announce

Share details about an event, spread the word about a party or social function, and reach people to let them know about celebrating a milestone or significant moment in your life.


No matter what the reasons are behind why people use cold email, we know that recipients are open to reading and responding to your cold emails when you have something in common and when you’re genuine. Establish your connection and go from there. You’ll see that there is no limit to the uses for cold email in any aspect of your life.


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