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QuickMail helped me implement my mass email strategy in just 30 minutes without any headaches or overly complex, unnecessary features. It’s all rolling on auto-pilot which saves me 6-8 hours of tedious work each week

testimonial_philipPhilip Carr, Digital Marketing Consultant.

Reclaim your time

Tired of manually sending emails and following-up?

Our users save an average of 1-2 hours per day sending emails with follow-ups. So, unless you value your time at less than $1/hour, you will likely benefit from having a system sending manual emails for you.

You can then focus on closing people who resonate with your value proposition instead of chasing people who just won’t reply to you.

As soon as someone responds, the person is automatically taken out of that sequence (even if they reply from another address, which happens far more often than people think!).

That way, you can truly spend your time on high value activities, like talking to warm leads.

The way I did e-mail outreach before Quickmail.io was a complete disaster. I would spend at least an hour to send out new e-mails and another 30 minutes for the follow-ups! Other tools gave me so many headaches because they just didn’t work right. Now I have my mornings back!

testimonial_cyrusCyrus Roepers, entrepreneur.

100% consistency, zero effort

Should you send a follow up or not now?

By automating everything from sending the initial email to the follow-up, you won’t have to spend energy on deciding if you should send another email or not. The system will take care of that. Whether you are in a meeting, sleeping or just working on the next big thing.

This takes things off your plate, reduce decision fatigue and short-cut the emotional attachment that goes with sending emails yourself. No matter if you are sick, down, or just in a bad mood, QuickMail will happily and automatically follow-up the way you decided when your mind was in a positive/productive state.

Since QuickMail sends emails straight from your own personal inbox, your prospect won’t even notice the difference. It’s as personal as it can be.


QuickMail.io is so awesome. You set up the sequence and it does all the work for you. No more mind games and second guessing your efforts. I love it!

testimonial_chadChad Boyd, Founder of Txt2Give.


Stay on control

Monday no good?

QuickMail allows you to start email sequences at predefined time during a normal week automatically as well as when to follow-up.

This means you tell QuickMail to contact 50 new prospects each day of the week while avoiding week-ends for the follow-ups.

No more alarms to remind you that you should send emails, it’s all automated.

After a few days of total freedom, you won’t even remember emails are being sent… until your prospects remind you… with a reply. Just the way I like it!

Before using QuickMail.io I was spending hours on manual follow-ups, setting up reminders for myself and trying to keep up with my outbound strategy.
Emails are sent while I sleep and responses from potential customers are waiting for me in my inbox when I wake up. How can it get any better?

testimonial_fabiFabi M. Founder & CEO of ClinicBuzz

Gain real insight

How do I know what really works?

Most tools have open rate, click rate and (sometimes) response rate, but all those metrics are on individual emails.

Although some people respond after the first email, the vast majority will respond after a few follow-ups. So metrics on individual emails are totally useless. Users enjoy 4 times more replies (on average) with follow ups.

QuickMail.io understands this and gives you statistics on your entire sequence, so you can see what works at the right level. And since you can create an unlimited number of sequences, it means you can try a lot of different things to see what works for you and for your market.

I am so glad I have such a great tool to handle all my press release activities. I could not keep up with the volume, nor the time difference since I am based in Europe and my contacts in the USA. QuickMail.io helps me to 10x my marketing and press coverage.

agnes_famularoAgnes Famularo, Parenting author.

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