"My lead generation agency runs on Quickmail. It’s the best tool I’ve found for A/B testing new email content and optimizing reply rates. Period."
Jack Reamer
Lead Generation Agency Owner

All your Clients in One place

No more logging in and out of various account and maintaining multiple credentials. View and access any of your client accounts with just a click, and don’t get charged for additional team members.

Agency Dashboard

Reduce tedious tasks & grow beyond 100 clients


Download stats for all your clients in 1 click

Downloading individually each account metrics and stats may work for 5 accounts, but this will likely not scale for 100 clients and more. That's why we have the ability to download all stats, for all your accounts, with just a simple click.


Bypass the need for exports

For tech savvy companies, use a single Webhook to monitor when a prospect opens, clicks, replies, unsubscribes, bounces, completes a campaign, for all your accounts. Making it easier to onboard new clients without adding extra work. It's like having a giant RSS feed you can parse.


Leverage Google Drive between all your client accounts

If your processes rely on Google Drive, you're in for a treat. You can add Google Drive accounts and have them accessible in all your client accounts automatically without any additional configuration.

Web Design

Share campaigns across all your accounts

Found a winning template or want to use some as a starting point for new clients? Share campaigns between all your accounts using your own library of campaigns so anyone in your team can do it.


Have Your Clients Add Their Own Inbox

If exchanging credential with clients is creating friction, you can provide a simple link for them to add their account themselves without being lost in the software.


Total visibility and accountability for all your team

Growing a team has complexity, especially when it comes to visibility and accountability. QuickMail provides a full auditing of who did what and when for each client so you can always review actions and educate or revisit your internal procedures accordingly.

PAY for what you actually use

We know that clients can leave half-way through a monthly subscription. At QuickMail, every account canceled will automatically credit the remaining time back to your organization, so you will never need to worry about loss revenues if a client is scheduled to leave 2 weeks away from renewal. We believe it’s fair and quite simply the right thing to do.

And because all your accounts are under a centralized billing, you won’t need to change your card for all your client accounts should you need to change your credit card details after the card was lost or blocked. 

Mail Tester


Our advanced technology allows you to add as many inboxes as needed without adding any management complexity.

So you can scale in volume, add or replace inboxes without batting an eye.

Each week, we’ll send you a deliverability test report telling you if your emails are inboxing, end up in spam or in the promotional tab. That way, you’ll know exactly where you stand and can react quickly to any change of deliverability. Plus if you have any doubt, you can always run those report any time you like by pushing a button.

Increase your chances of inboxing and extend the longevity of your domain reputation by automatically and effortlessly rotating email content, though A/B testing or Random variations.

Use custom domain tracking to increase deliverability and provide a consistent branding experience.

And all client accounts come fully loaded with these


Never miss a lead

Did you ever had a reply from a client landing in junk? Of course you did, but you won't need to check the junk folder anymore because QuickMail checks the junk folder for you and will bring back to the inbox any reply it finds. We also check the deleted folder, so having your client delete bounces will be no problem with follow ups.

Social Media

Support as your partner.

Our support is here to find solutions, not leave you with half baked answers. Over the last 5 years, we supported thousands of businesses, so we know that there will always be problems to face in business. But when a problem does arise, we'll be here to help find a solution that works.