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November 16, 2017

True or False? 5 Cold Email Subject Line Myths Debunked Based on 50 Million Cold Emails

After analyzing the last 50 million cold emails sent with QuickMail, it’s fair to say we’ve done our research. Now that we’ve done our homework, we’re ready to share what we’ve learned and to set… Continue Reading

November 13, 2017

3 Problems with Marketing Automation Tools for Cold Emails (and 3 Better Solutions)

Imagine taking a semi-successful cold email campaign and turning it into your number one lead generator? Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Given the resources you put into your cold emails, from your copy to your list,… Continue Reading

November 9, 2017

Good vs. Bad vs. Copy vs. List – Setting Your Cold Email Priorities

60%/40%. 80%/20%. What’s the best ratio when it comes to the weighing the importance of having a good email list versus good email copy? There isn’t a black and white answer that will guarantee email… Continue Reading

November 7, 2017

4 Must-Know Metrics for Your Cold Email Campaign

Analytics! What could be more exciting than heaps of data that can tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your cold email campaign? While endless insights might seem attractive, a lot of the… Continue Reading

October 30, 2017

10 Dos & Don’ts of Crafting the Perfect Follow Up Email

Why follow up? You hit 'send' on your brilliantly composed cold email a couple of days ago but are met with silence. Does this mean you should shrug it off as a failed attempt, or… Continue Reading

October 24, 2017

How to get an avalanche of replies from cold emails – the right way

The secret to cold email success isn’t necessarily what you think. Sure, you’ve crafted a brilliant, elegantly-worded email that you can’t wait to send out – but who exactly are you sending it to? If… Continue Reading

October 19, 2017

10 Easy Ways to Improve Recipient Reaction to Cold Emails

The ideal cold email will garner loads of responses from enthusiastic recipients who are excited about your product or service and can’t wait to get started. Unfortunately, many cold emails fall flat and don’t achieve… Continue Reading

October 16, 2017

How To Deal With Rejection In Cold Emails?

If you market through email, you probably ran into these two words before, and probably more than once: "Not interested." Of course, you've probably seen many versions of that message, some being nastier than others.… Continue Reading

October 16, 2017

What’s the Goal of a Cold Email?

What's the Goal of a Cold Email? In our last cast, Jack and I made some distinctions between cold email and spam. In our niche, the line between the two tends to get blurred. While… Continue Reading

October 4, 2017

What is Cold Email? Is is SPAM?

Here's a simple question for you: is cold email spam? As it turns out, the answer isn't as simple. Sure, a cold email can be spam, but it doesn't have to be. Confusing, I know.… Continue Reading

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