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the last cold email campaign was so effective we had to shut it down

testimonial_andrewAndrew Suttar, Founder of Bubble Media.

More customers for less money

Cold email is one of the most powerful B2B channels to generate new business consistently.

Whether you are testing a new market vertical, developing a go-to-market strategy or even reaching out to past clients, QuickMail has all you need to be successful with executing your cold email strategy.

Because of the low cost of sending emails, it’s a very effective way to kick start a company. Many big companies started their business like this and are still using it as a low cost / high yield channel to fuel their growth.

I’ve used lots of client prospecting tools but nothing comes close to – it’s super easy to use and automates the personal touch at scale. I just fire it up when I need some new clients and it works so well I have to pause it sometimes!

testimonial_michaelMichael Pole, Online Lead Generation Expert.

More time to work on your business

Your time is too precious to send emails yourself.

Even if you use a virtual assistant, it would cost you far more than a monthly subscription of QuickMail, not to mention management hassle. By automating this with QuickMail, you’ll gain tremendous freedom.

Not only will QuickMail follow-up with prospects you want a reply from, but it is smart enough to realise that people can reply from another email address (more common than people think). Once a reply is detected, following-ups are stopped automatically, so you don’t even need to worry about that part of the process at all.

Now you can spend your time on what matters most for your business: engaging with people who expressed interest in your value proposition. is making things too easy. I combined with Streak, and now am basically watching HBO since there’s no real work to do.

testimonial_maximilianMaximilian Gora, Copywriter.

Learn faster what works for you

Discover what works for your audience.

There are tons of resources on cold emails in the internet. So much in fact that it becomes difficult to know what really works best for you.

To help you discover what works faster, QuickMail has embedded A/B split testing for each email touch you send, so you can keep testing what works best for your market.

Once you figure out what resonates most with your target audience, you can let it run on auto-pilot.

And if all else fails, QuickMail has a thrilling community on Facebook full of real experts on cold emails.


QuickMail is an awesome prospecting automation app,it’s a complete life saver. I had generated in excess of $15,000 in additional revenue for my business using Quickmail. If I had to calculate the ROI.. it’s probably something insanely high.. somewhere in the 92,000% ROI.

harris_limHarris Lim, Google Adwords PPC Mgt,

Most common questions when starting with cold emails

  • Yes, but it can depend on your country. For US, check the CAN-SPAM legislation. For Canada, search for CASL. None prohibit reaching out to other business assuming you follow a few guidelines. QuickMail doesn’t reinforce any of this as you may use QuickMail for many purposes like reconnecting with a list of past clients or asking your users for testimonials.

  • Most people make it harder than it needs to be. Write to start a casual conversation like you would with a friend, this usually gets way higher positive reply rate than more formal tone. That said, if you need some help, register to the email course on this site, check this article or look at the blog for user highlights.

  • You have many ways to do it and it depends a lot on your niche/market/target. There are plenty of tools to help with prospecting in general. A page will be built here in the future to help with that, but in the meantime, you can join the QuickMail community on Facebook and get advice from many smart people.

  • Newsletters works great for inbound marketing. QuickMail is a sales tool, when you send personal emails straight from your inbox as if you wrote them yourself. This works much better to get a reply than using a bulk email service like MailChimp or aWeber.


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