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How To Use Reverse Email Lookup in Your Cold Email Outreach
November 4, 2020

How To Use Reverse Email Lookup in Your Cold Email Outreach

The goal of cold email outreach isn't more sales. Your cold emails should be a conversation starter. You need to arouse the recipients’ interest in what you have to offer and then work on converting your… Continue Reading

November 4, 2020

8 Proven Cold Email Templates & Frameworks That Get Replies

If your cold emails aren’t getting replies, something has to change. The problem could be in your prospecting process. If the people you're emailing aren't qualified for your product/service, then you can't expect to get… Continue Reading

Lead generation: Man opening box of leads
October 30, 2020

Your Guide To Creating an Effective Lead Generation Strategy

Your sales cycle starts with a lead. More leads mean more sales. More sales mean more profits. And more profits means a more successful business. Of course, there are subtleties in between, but without lead… Continue Reading

Click tracking: Finger pointing at a screen
October 30, 2020

How Click Tracking Can Improve Email Marketing

Sending cold emails is just the first thing off your email marketing campaign checklist — click tracking the emails is next. Naturally, you want to know whether recipients have opened your email. And if they… Continue Reading

Sales Prospecting: Telemarketing concept
October 28, 2020

Sales Prospecting 101: How to Create More Leads and Maximize Revenue

Every sales team has a love-hate relationship with sales prospecting. In the gold rush days, thousands of gold prospectors took shots at riverbeds and drylands, hoping to strike gold. Well, prospecting is the same process —… Continue Reading

Email automation: Coffee mug in front of inbox with email icon
October 28, 2020

How To Use Cold Email Automation (and Mistakes to Avoid)

Automation plays a crucial role in scaling any online marketing and sales strategy. If you send a handful of emails manually for a short period, it probably won't affect you or your business much. But… Continue Reading

bulk email service: Mail icon on smartphone
October 28, 2020

11 Best Bulk Email Service Providers in 2020

For digital businesses handling thousands of prospects or customers, scalability and automation are the keys to long-term growth. An effective bulk email service not only allows you to send emails to a large number of… Continue Reading

email marketing metrics: Student looking at graphs
October 27, 2020

Email Marketing Metrics: Which To Note and Which To Ignore

Let’s make one thing clear: Email isn’t dead. In fact, email is more lucrative than any other marketing channel, helping you generate $38 for every $1 you invest. Plus, nearly 99% of consumers have said… Continue Reading

Lead generation strategies: Sign asking for more leads
October 24, 2020

10 Lead Generation Strategies For Growing Business

Most businesses fail in the first two years of their operation. Why? One of the main reasons is a cash-flow shortage.  Businesses run out of cash because they don’t usually have enough paying customers. Either… Continue Reading

Business introduction email sample: Business people shaking hands in a lobby
October 22, 2020

Business Introduction Email Samples To Get Your Dream Clients

  As actor Will Rogers said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” A business introduction email is your first attempt at making an impression on your prospective buyers about your… Continue Reading

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