Customer Communications Management

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Customer Communications Management

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Communicate With Your Customers ⁠With Personal Messages At Scale.

Customers want to feel valued and appreciated — not like they’re receiving an email that looks like it was addressed to thousands of others.

Most mass customer communication or marketing software is just that ⁠— mass and impersonal.

QuickMail gives you the power to send personalized yet automated emails to your customer and client lists in a way that looks like you’ve just sent them a personal email. It’s personable, friendly, and inspires more interaction.

Communicate With Your Clients #1 Customer Communication & Outreach Tool


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    Hans S., Capterra

    “QuickMail allows me to communicate with my client base in bulk, while still coming right from my email address.”

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Want Your Clients & Customers to Interact With Your Emails?

Don’t be just another promotion in their inbox: be personal and delight your customers!

Each Message Comes From You

Each and every message comes from you or a member on your team, motivating more clients to respond.

Drip Email Sequences

Create drip campaigns that look and feel like 1-to-1 messages, with different emails for different steps.

Option to Follow-Up If No Response

If you wish, you can choose to follow up on certain emails if they received no response initially.


Integrate with all of your favorite apps, including Zapier which connects to hundreds of other apps around the web.

Click & Open Tracking

See who opened an email or clicked on a link to gauge who is most interested.

Connect With Your Email

Connect with Outlook, Gmail, or your own custom domain to send messages from your existing inbox.

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Customer Emails That Look Personal Engage More of Your Clients

  • Impress your customers with personal communications at scale.
  • Create drip email sequences for campaigns with multiple messages.
  • A/B Test your messages to see what’s most effective.

Stand Out In Your Customer's Inbox While Reducing Manual Work

Your customers get many messages every day from other companies.

Your customers are interested, but busy.

How can you make sure your email gets opened?

By keeping it personal. 

Personal emails are hard to scale, so QuickMail helps you automate the tedious manual aspect of sending emails individually to clients and customers.

Instead, simply create your email template, upload your list, and send out your emails in a matter of minutes. Each and every email will appear as a 1-to-1 message.

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Ready to Delight Your Customers With Awesome Emails?

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