Get More Replies from Prospects

What Can QuickMail Do for Your Sales Team?
  • Help your sales team increase their cold email response rate
  • Enable your sales closers to focus on closing (and prospectors on prospecting)
  • Assign tasks to your reps at different stages in the sales cycle
  • Keep your whole team aligned in one dashboard
  • Save time with smart email automation
  • Actionable insights and A/B test your emails


QuickMail is used to grow sales for a variety of businesses:

generate leads

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Turn Your Inbox Into a Sales Machine.


“QuickMail is an awesome prospecting automation app — it’s a complete life saver. I’ve generated in excess of $15,000 in additional revenue using Quickmail — around 92,000% ROI.”

Harris Lim, Google Adwords PPC Mgt,


“ is one of my best kept secrets for helping me automate my prospecting. If you are still doing your email prospecting manually, you should try!”

Trent Dyrsmid, Founder & CEO Groove Digital Marketing

“My lead generation agency runs on Quickmail. It’s the best tool I’ve found for A/B testing new email content and optimizing reply rates. Period.”

Jack Reamer, CEO of