Why Adding More Subscribers To Your Email List Isn’t Enough


Why Adding More Subscribers To Your Email List Isn’t Enough

December 1, 2020

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how surprised are you to learn adding a large number of prospects to your email list can actually harm your cold outreach campaign?

We were a solid 10.

Email lists are an excellent way to create and maintain customer relationships before and after you make a sale. After all, it allows you to stay connected with your prospects and customers and keep them updated about your offerings. But this doesn’t mean that simply adding more subscribers to your email list will help you increase your conversion rates or click-through rates.

What you need to focus on rather than quantity instead is getting more quality prospects.

In this article, we’ll discuss the details of an email marketing list and why lengthening the list alone isn’t enough to increase sales. Additionally, we’ll also touch base on how you can improve the effectiveness of your cold email outreach and lead generation strategy.

Let’s get started.

What Is an Email Marketing List?

An email list refers to the total number of email subscribers on a specific list who receive your marketing material. Emailing these subscribers is one of the best ways to advertise your products without spending a ton of money to get new customers.

How Do You Start Email List Building?

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Just as marketers like Neil Patel and Syed Balkhi vouching for email marketing, you know it’s a tactic that can bring you high-quality leads within a reasonable amount of time.

And why not? Emails are direct and personal, which is why they help you arouse interest in your target audience.

Here’s how you can start building an effective email list:

  • Create a website with an appealing landing page to get more website visitors (tip: include good CTAs in your copy).
  • Choose a good email marketing service based on your business goals and budget.
  • Make high converting sign-up forms by sticking to simple templates that include important fields like name, email ID, designation, and so on.

Once you set all these three things up, you can work on launching your email marketing campaign.

Why Is a Quality Email List Better Than a Long Email List?

Amateur marketers often make the mistake of focusing on adding volume to the top of the sales funnel without understanding their target audience. If they continue with poor prospecting habits, all their efforts will be in vain.

Let’s explain this with the help of an example.

Imagine you want to add 500 prospects to your email list every day. Your reply rate, however, is just 5%. This means you’re assured of 25 replies daily, which could potentially be 25 leads.

Instead of focusing on doubling your prospects to double your leads, you should focus on doubling your reply rates or increasing the number of positive replies. This is an easier way to get leads as well.

Your priority, rather, should be to produce content that resonates well with your target audience and create a list of hot leads, who are likely to engage with your brand as opposed to adding new subscribers randomly.

Also, when you add email addresses of random people who aren’t interested in what you offer, you may end up hurting your email deliverability. Such people may either report you as spam, leave your emails unread, or just block you – each of which can have a very negative effect on your email reputation. Yikes!

When your audience is better, you’re almost always assured of better results.

How To Enhance Your Cold Email Outreach and Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead generation funnel concept on blackboard

Having an email is incredibly important in today’s world. Marketing experts know this, which is why they always include email campaigns as a part of their marketing service.

After you make a website and set-up an account with an efficient email marketing service to send cold emails to prospects at scale, you’ll have to work on your cold email strategy. Here are a few tips to help you build an email marketing list that can generate leads for you to add to your cold email list:

Include an Opt-in Incentive

You must have noticed how most high-traffic websites you visit offer an opt-in incentive. After all, who doesn’t like something free AND useful?

This could include lead magnets, such as a free ebook, access to webinars, white papers, or even a link to an exclusive podcast. The good news is that after creating just a single piece of content, you can utilize it many times, making it a more palatable option for small business owners who usually don’t have the bandwidth and budget to produce upgraded content.

Content Upgrades

The steps are quite easy for this one.

You create an SEO optimized blog post and then create another article (like a beginner’s guide or how-to article) that addresses the topic more in-depth. You can then offer the readers of your blog post access to this content in exchange for the email and contact information.

See how simple it is? And, it’s super effective.

Host Frequent Giveaways

Higher customer engagement can considerably improve email signups – giveaways can help trigger just that. You can offer a compelling prize to your audience, along with bonus incentives to all non-winners.

Make sure your prize is something that only your potential customers will love and won’t attract someone who simply wants freebies and has no genuine interest in your product or service.

Create Pop-Ups

You can either hate or love pop-ups, but you definitely cannot ignore them, which is precisely why Hunter Boyle calls them the Justin Bieber of the marketing world.

The good thing about them is pop-ups are easy to implement. You only need to install a pop-up script or plug-in, write a few compelling lines of copy, and watch them work their magic.

In fact, blogger Nikki McGonigal increased her subscription rate by 5.1% with just a lightbox pop-up.

That’s a staggering 1,375% boost, guys. *mind blown*

Leverage Social Proof

We all know the power of social media, but here the focus is on building social proof. To put it simply, the bigger your numbers, the better you look.

Consider the two statements, for instance:

  • “5000 likes on our Facebook page, 3500 likes on tweets, and 15000 loves on LinkedIn.”
  • “23500 likes and loves on our social media posts!”

Doesn’t the second statement sound more impressive?

You see, the idea here is to present your social proof in a way that talks about big numbers. This is why you should try to incorporate social proof in your home pages as well as the list of emails you send to establish yourself as an authority figure in front of your recipients.

Quality Email Lists = Long-Term Success

Your email list should include hot leads or at least people who have a genuine interest in what you have to offer. It makes no sense to just add numbers to the list to reach more people.

Use our above-listed techniques to build a quality email list consisting of people who resonate with your brand’s core values and actually like receiving content from you.

You can start with QuickMail’s free trial to get the ball rolling and build a high-quality email list.

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