Creating hot leads on auto-pilot

I’m very impressed by it. Very easy to use and has already yielded me sales.
With regards a testimonial we’d rather politely decline as we consider you to be a competitive advantage for us at the moment and we don’t necessarily want our clients to know too much about our ‘secret sauce’.


Work smarter, not harder

QuickMail provides all you need to improve your productivity. Not only does it automate all outbound email at the top of the sales funnel, but it also provides unique abilities to solve some problems.

You will get access to precomputed attributes such as colleagues, that will reference other people in the same organisation.

That way, you can reference colleagues of people you are emailing with a single keyword, saving you hours of tedious work organizing all names properly in a spreadsheet.

And if you need to, you can always use custom attributes to import your own extra data to have even more personalised emails. has enabled me to create and automate a predictable, repeatable cold email process which has significantly increased my productivity and effectiveness. I tried using similar products and found them both frustrating and lacking. If cold emailing is part of your sales process, I highly recommend that you give a try.

testimonial_jonathanJonathan Albano, Founder/CEO of LodgingMetrics

Take your team with you

All plans include ability to build a team around you so you can grow at your own pace, by adding/removing team members when it suits you best.

Another advantage to run as a team is that you make sure your team won’t have any duplicated prospects.

Administrators will see member activity and have the ability to impersonate accounts to change things themselves. Useful to set-up people ahead of time or assist them quickly.

QuickMail is simply amazing to say the least. Its intuitive, efficient, was built with the sales professional in mind and most importantly – its effective! It’s like having the best 3 lead generation/appointment setting representatives working for me, 24/7. I have to say though, the best part of all has been the service.

greg_dekalbGreg DeKalb, Director of Sales, 3 tier logic

Integrate nicely with your workflow

Google Mail / Labels

Works natively with a Gmail inbox (free of Google Apps). You can also take advantage of labels to qualify email replies and get proper statistics on how effective the cold email sequence really is.


Google Drive / Spreadsheet

Import Spreadsheet straight from your Drive, no more files to manipulate, it’s all fully integrated and support collaborative work.



Fancy integrating QuickMail with +400 apps through Zapier?


Appointments with Calendly

We automatically cancel email follow-ups as soon as we detect an appointment on Calendly.


Native integration with

If you prefer native integration with a sales CRM, we support

See it in action here


Possibility to send using an external SMTP service

If you prefer to rely on external vendors to send your emails, that’s no problem.

We support all the major senders like SendGrid, Mandrill, MailJet, PostMark, …


Kick ass support

Trial or subscription plan, pro or basic makes no difference to us. We are here to help the best we can.

Just don’t contact us to ask us how we compare to our competition because, to put it bluntly, we don’t know and we don’t care.

All we care about is how to best help our users be more successful.

But our users say it better than us really…


I just wanted to write to say how awesome you guys are.  Your support is very responsive and helpful. And, the product design is excellent and continues to improve.
Thank you for a great product and for you and your staff’s efforts to deliver excellent support.

testimonial_john_s John Schneider, Inside Sales

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