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Personalized drip emails

"Full range of capabilities. Set up as many prospect lists as desired, create the drip campaigns, provide endless testing variations, spread the delivery across multiple email addresses, and more." -Eric Bell, Polymorph Corp

A/B testing & send schedule

"There are plenty of tools out there for A/B testing, but my personal favorite is QuickMail. It is purpose-built for sales prospecting with an intuitive user interface and great statistics display." -Taft Love, VP of Sales @ DocSend

Outlook, Gmail, or custom inbox

Easily connect with Outlook, Gmail, or your own custom email inbox so that emails are sent from you (resulting in more human messages that people will love). Quick, no-nonsense setup to help get you up and running quickly.

Follow-up when there's no response

"I love that I can upload my contact lists and send personalized email messages with follow-ups that are sent automatically until the recipient responds." -Bretton Wall, Charlson Capital

Duplicate contact prevention

Never worry about sending the same email to the same prospect twice. With automatic duplicate prevention, you won't make embarrassing mistakes like sending the same email twice.

Email verification integrations

Use the BriteVerify integration in QuickMail to verify and validate your emails in seconds, without having to leave the software. In Next, you can set automatic verifications.

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