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Introducing: QuickMail Lite

Powerful. Flexible. Now Free.

Start using the outbound platform that grows with your business.

“QuickMail helped me get the first paying clients for my business and it's still at the core of our lead generation.”
Maksymilian M.
Head of Technology

Included in Lite for free:

✓ 3,000 emails sent per month

✓ 1,000 prospects storage

✓ 10 email addresses

✓ Unlimited team members

✓ Amazing support

Move at the speed of Lite

Get everything you need for expert cold outreach in 1 powerful platform.

Reach the right inbox

Campaigns are pointless if you don't reach the right inbox. With deliverability becoming ever more challenging and the workforce hopping jobs, it's too easy to end up with bad sends. 

QuickMail automates prospect management so you can start the right conversations.

✓ Automatically de-duplicate, import, and schedule a campaign for each prospect 

✓ Use tags and custom attributes to sort prospects and personalize outreach at scale

✓ Improve your deliverability. Verify emails in-platform to bring down your bounce rate 


  • Peace of mind. Accidentally sending to a prospect you shouldn't contact is embarrassing at best - relationship ending at worst. It's hard to find every person at a company to exclude. Add individuals or entire domains to your Do Not Contact list in QuickMail and they'll never be contacted again.

  • Land in the inbox (not promotions). List quality matters, but it's a pain to maintainQuickMail allows you to verify email addresses in-platform. Want to start a follow-up campaign? Re-verify your list with a click. If a bounce happens for any reason, future sends to that email address are automatically cancelled.

  • Save time. Set up workflows to import and verify prospects automatically. With advanced scheduling in QuickMail, verified prospects get added to your campaigns without you lifting a finger. Go on holiday, your outreach will keep working hard without you. 
“It's secure, simple, and easy to use...Good in-app mechanisms to prevent current clients from mistakenly being prospected.”
Verfied G2 Reviewer
Marketing & Advertising

More conversions, less time

The best sales conversations start with a personal connection. In a digital world, those can take a ton of time and effort to build. So... how are you supposed to scale?

QuickMail automates advanced campaigns that convert more prospects in less time.

✓ Convert more leads with advanced personalization and condition-based sending

✓ Move more prospects through your pipeline with simple-to-scale, multi-channel campaigns

✓ Optimize your outreach and improve results with A/Z testing


  • Prospects actually open your emails. With advanced sending options like CCing other prospects, creating a thread with a previous email, and sending follow-ups within minutes - your emails stand out in the inbox. (With the best deliverability in the industry, you actually land there instead of the promotions folder.)

  • Increase sends without winding up in Spam. QuickMail pioneered inbox rotation, and we do it better than our copycat fans. Add any number of inboxes to an existing campaign to increase your send volume with a click.

  • Prevent costly mistakes. Ever sent an email that opened up "Hi {{prospect.name}}" instead of "Hi James?" Ya. It haunts our nightmares too. QuickMail has built-in error detection to prevent broken variables from ending the conversation.

  • Make good decisions. QuickMail's advanced technology removes false opens and clicks created by spam checks. With better data, you can confidently take action to improve your campaigns.

  • Focus on more important things. Like closing deals from the conversations you're starting in QuickMail. We're not saying you should 'set it and forget it.' We're just saying that with our domain monitoring, send limits, and advanced scheduling - you absolutely could. 
“We created email sequences that worked from day one. The workflows have had an instant positive effect on my work.”
Denym B.

Every reply is an opportunity

Each reply has the potential to kick off the biggest deal of your career. We understand how costly missing or mishandling a response could be. 

You can book more meetings and close more deals with reply handling in QuickMail.

✓ Get oversight of all conversations generated from your outreach in one place, no matter how many inboxes you send from or what email service provider you use

✓ Assign replies to the right team member for follow-up, they can send from any of your account's inboxes

✓ Tap into response insights and attribution to improve the results of each campaign 


  • Nobody drops the ball. A timestamp of the last response is clearly visible for all active opportunities so it's clear who needs a follow-up. If a prospect wants you to check back in 2 weeks (or 2 months), no problem. Snooze opportunities for any length of time - even if you're out of office, your team can follow-up from your inbox.

  • Every reply gets handled right. See all replies generated from your campaign in one place and assign them to the best team member for the conversation. Everyone sees their assigned opportunities first for quick follow up. You can easily monitor all conversations to ensure consistent performance across your team.

  • Informed decisions for bigger results. We've all had a campaign that seemed promising with sky-high open & click rates that totally flopped for actual conversions. With QuickMail, you can evaluate each campaign's reply sentiment, # of meetings booked, and dollar value of deals won. Get the attribution you need to make campaign decisions that move the dial.
“Just wanted you to know that our QuickMail campaigns are booking 4X more meetings than [previous tool]...”
Lead Generation Agency CPO

Win as a team

The more members you add to your team, the more challenging oversight can become. You need clear visibility of each team member's work to help them improve their output and ensure account security as you grow.

Scale consistent results from your team in QuickMail.

✓ Add 2 or 200 team members to your account - their seats are free (no shared logins!)

✓ Get quick oversight of actions, campaigns, and results in your account from each user

✓ Stay secure with admin and private permissions


  • Performance improvement. When a problem arises, don't waste time trying to track down the source. Since every team member has their own login - use your searchable audit log to see exactly where a workflow went wrong. Now you use your energy for training and process improvement instead of investigation.

  • Sharing the load. Any member of your team can create and send shared campaigns, assign shared inboxes, and handle shared replies. Your team can cover while you're on holiday and you can review their actions when you return.

  • Increased security. Collaborative work shouldn't be a security risk. Only account admins can access billing & subscription settings, and any inbox or campaign can be set to private. As your team grows, you can rest assured that your work is secure. 

There are hundreds of reasons we’ve led the industry for a decade,
you benefit from every single one of them.

Set your team up for success.

“I switched over to QuickMail.io in Sept and since then my business has exploded. Thanks 🌟”
Marcel Henning
Founder and CEO

Why QuickMail? Don't take our word for it...

✓ Proven deliverability at scale - individual accounts sending 40k+ emails daily.

"The deliverability on QuickMail is amazing. We are getting 40-80% open rates & response rates and booking more meetings than we can handle. My sales guy got 88 appointments last month..." -Matthew F. B2B Marketer, G2 Review

✓ Trusted by 200+ of the world's leading demand generation agencies.

"By send volume - we book 4X more meetings in QuickMail than our previous platform. The visibility on deliverability scores for each inbox is SO helpful." - Rachel H. Agency CPO, G2 Review

✓ Google accredited platform leading the industry for 9 years.

"Similar companies are wayyyy behind in terms of features. From built-in error detection to the 'Bucket System' for easy scheduling, QuickMail has thought of everything." - Werner J. CEO, G2 Review

✓ Thousands of happy users...

"It works! We have seen a big uptick in the number of new leads coming in the door with a very high response rate to our emails." - Kris B. G2 Review

"QuickMail helped me grow my business!" - Chris M. Founder, G2 Review

"Awesome experience, QuickMail team & product rocks!" - Nejc. CEO, G2 Review

“If there was an award for overall 'best functioning and well built' saas platform I think QuickMail deserves it.”
Luke Marlowe
Agency Founder

What's stopping you?

We know it's not the price.

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