GMass can be fine if you’re happy to work out of Gmail and prefer to work alone. But people who want better results through advanced automation and team features might want to check out QuickMail.

This page will explain why people who look for a more flexible GMass alternative end their search after finding QuickMail.

One, don’t be limited to Gmail.

GMass only works with Gmail. Which is fine if you just need the basics and a ubiquitous interface. But as soon as you need to use custom email servers or Outlook, GMass simply won’t function. 

QuickMail works with any custom SMTP server and Outlook. And it works with Gmail if you happen to need it still. 

Two, bring your whole team over at no extra cost.

We charge per inbox, not per team member. In fact, we want you to bring over as many people as you need to get the job done.

With QuickMail, you’ll only pay for what you use – the inboxes. One person, five, or fifty – doesn’t matter, everybody can have their own credentials at no extra cost. We don't want you to have to choose between paying an extra license or compromise on security.

Plus, you'll have the whole change history at your disposal, so you can sleep well at night. You’ll know that if something goes wrong, you can always figure out what happened or who did what.

Three, scale in volume easily and safely.

QuickMail is the GMass alternative that doesn't limit you to a single inbox per campaign. 

You can use multiple inboxes per campaign to spread the load across several inboxes. That way, you can increase the daily sending limit of a campaign without putting your deliverability at risk. All with a single click.

Plus, you'll see how much easier it becomes to run AB-tests and make tweaks on a single campaign, not a dozen of them.

Four, diversify your warm-up.

QuickMail’s free Auto-Warmer plan is available to anyone. Thousands of our clients are in the group, exchanging messages and replies, pulling each other out of the spam folder if needed.

More importantly, our Auto-Warmer group contains not only Gmail inboxes, but also Outlook and custom SMTP ones, meaning that your sender reputation is improved beyond Google’s ecosystem as well.

Finally, enjoy literally the best customer support.

Our customer support is in the business of solving problems, not marking tickets closed. 

Your business workflow is specific to you, so we won’t insult you by using canned replies, templates, or asking you to turn on and off your computer. 

Basic questions, complex workflows, unconventional setups – you name it. We’re here to help you be successful with your campaigns.

Try us, it’s on the house.

Those points are just the tip of the iceberg. You'll find many more benefits like the way QuickMail handles automation to save you time and give you full control over your campaigns.

So why not give us a go? All you need to start is a prospect list, an inbox, and the copy for your first email. All of which you already have in GMass. 

The 14-days trial is on us.