Free eBook: Ultimate Guide to eBook Deliverability

12 months ago

Free eBook: Ultimate Guide to eBook Deliverability


Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Email Deliverability

Want to make sure your emails reach your prospect’s inbox?

In this eBook, we’ll show you how to avoid common rookie mistakes and share top tips that only the pros use to make their email campaigns a success with best practices on email deliverability.

email deliverability eBook

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What’s Inside:

Why Custom Domains Matter

Why (and how) custom domains can save your campaign, and how to implement one yourself.

Time In Between Emails

How to space out your outbound sales emails so that you don’t end up in spam.

Images & Email Tracking: Good or Bad?

When to use (and not use) images and message tracking in outbound emails.

How to Verify Emails Accurately

The most effective ways of verifying whether or not an email is valid before sending.

Common “Problem” Words

Terms and email characteristics to avoid if you want to end up in your prospect’s inbox without deliverability issues.

And much more!

Only Actionable Advice. No Fluff.