How To Build a Successful Lead Generation Agency From the Ground Up


How To Build a Successful Lead Generation Agency From the Ground Up

December 5, 2020

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A lead generation agency helps people scale their business and maximize revenue. But how does a lead generation agency find leads for themselves?

Starting a new business is tricky enough, but for a B2B lead generation, you really have to get your brain’s wheels turning. You’ll need a list of targeted leads, approach them to become your clients, understand market trends in your chosen niche…the list is endless.

So how do you get started? Keep reading as we explore more on the topic.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Building a Lead Generation Agency From Scratch

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Before you can rake in inbound and outbound leads for your clients, you have to first work on your business idea and understand what goes into building a lead generation business.

How can you actually generate qualified leads?

What marketing strategy would you choose for your company?

How do you make sure the generated leads actually interact with sales teams and buy your client’s products?

How much should you charge your client?

…you get the drift. Here’s how you can get started:

Step One: Choose Your Niche and Geography

Consider the kind of clients that you want to cater to and what niche or category of products or services they should sell.

This step right can be highly instrumental in dictating your success in the future.

Before deciding on a niche, you’ll need to take into account a few factors:

  • What is your level of knowledge about the industry? Is your chosen market highly saturated?
  • Think about economics. What kind of profitability can you promise your clients? Is there any long-term value to your leads?
  • How competitive is your chosen niche?

Your aim should be to choose a market that isn’t very competitive and saturated in order to gain more commissions. Narrowing down your niche can help reduce competition in lead gen services.

Step Two: Develop Client Relationships

With your niche finalized, the next thing on your to-do list should be to build relationships with prospective clients who you think will benefit from your lead generation services.

Next, channel your most charming self and sell your leads – or future leads – to your prospects at a carefully determined price. Make a list of companies in your target niche, and try to connect with them. For instance, you can use LinkedIn to find people in sales and demand generation roles who you could approach.

Another tip would be to start a cold email marketing campaign where you reach out to potential customers via email. You can use QuickMail to build and nurture relationships with prospects and, eventually, clients.

Step Three: Chalk out Your Commission and Fees Structure

Remember when we mentioned you should calculate the long-term value of the leads you provide for your clients? Use that data to finalize your fee per lead.

The rules are simple: the higher the LTV, the bigger fee you can charge.

To give you an idea, your fee structure should be anything in between $100-$500 depending on your experience and a client’s worth. But of course, if you’re certain you’re bringing your client crème de la crème, you can always increase your rates.

Step Four: Create Relevant Marketing Assets

Digital marketing and lead generation have a very special relationship, which is why having a digital strategy is mandatory for lead generation agencies.

Build web properties like landing pages, e-books, blogs (written according to effective SEO optimization rules to please search engines), case studies, and so on. Make sure they align with your brand.

Developing a well-thought-out content marketing strategy can be particularly beneficial for your agency too. Your agency is new, so people may not know about you – it’s your job to educate them.

Step Five: Nurture Your Prospects

With your list of quality leads ready, you have to make sure they convert. There’s no reason to put in all the effort otherwise.

And the best ways to increase your conversion rates? You guessed it: cold email outreach.

Cold emails help move customers down the sales pipeline, but not without a strategy. With QuickMail, for instance, you can segment your prospects and create several groups to send emails that could help arouse their interest in your offering.

Imagine you want to group your prospects according to the source of the leads. You can have a group for LinkedIn, another group from Glassdoor, and so on. Likewise, you can also make groups for distinguishing business owners from managers or officers.

Step Six: Track Your Marketing Metrics and Optimize Accordingly

Whatever marketing strategies you adopt – content marketing, email marketing, or social media marketing – you should know whether you‘re getting the results you want.

If you plan on getting leads by launching Facebook ads, you have to know how your target audience reacts to the ad and, most importantly, if those ads get you leads.

Similarly, you should keep track of crucial email metrics that help you understand whether your emails are working. A/B testing your emails – something we call variations in QuickMail – can also be incredibly helpful to enhance your cold email marketing efforts.

What To Consider Before Launching a Lead Generation Agency

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In addition to the above steps, there are specific tricks that you can use to make your venture even more successful. We’ve listed a few below:

Prioritize and Focus on Ideal Clients

Every business has an ideal customer profile, and since you’ll be supplying your clients with targeted leads, you may already know the importance of this.

As you’re just starting out, funds will be limited. So you really cannot afford to waste your resources on the targeted leads. Precisely why you should build customer personas, review client profiles, and understand your brand and digital marketing history to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Build a Referral System To Get New Leads

According to stats, referred sales convert the best (nearly 2x better!). The thing about these leads is they can effectively double output, sans any effort from your side, which is what makes them suitable for people who are just starting out.

To increase the appeal of your product or service, you can offer exclusive incentives such as discounts on full-service packages or free consultations.

Work out an Integrated, Multi-Channel Strategy

From Google ads to technical optimization, link-building, and social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – you should create an integrated strategy that can reach your target audience across different channels.

Doing this will help you measure the performance of every channel, which will not only help you understand your customers but also tell you which channel is the most profitable and delivers the best results.

Successful B2B Lead Generation Agencies Think Smart and Work Hard

There’s no doubt you have to be very dedicated and hardworking to take your lead generation marketing agency to the pinnacle of success.

You need more B2B companies, preferably higher pain, and you need them fast. The best way to get them is to work on your inbound marketing and lead generation strategies. You can also try automation to land the best leads for your startup.

If the idea of e-messaging your customers sounds good to you, make sure you sign up for our free QuickMail trial to get them down the sales funnel.

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