Your Handy Guide To How B2B Lead Generation Companies Work


Your Handy Guide To How B2B Lead Generation Companies Work

November 18, 2020

Lead generation companies: Fingers turning knob with a meter on the side labeled as leads and sales

Without leads, every business is bound to fail. Luckily, lead generation companies or lead generation agencies help ensure this never happens.

And since lead generation isn’t easy – whether inbound marketing or outbound marketing – sometimes it’s better to leave things to experts. They understand how various industries and niches require different marketing strategies and tactics to get solid returns.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about B2B lead generation and how top lead generation companies work to generate new leads to maximize B2B sales.

But before we talk about how lead generation services can serve experienced and new business owners, you should know about B2B lead gen.

What Is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation varies by the product and industry. The ultimate aim, though, is the same: to find companies and businesses that have a genuine interest in what you have to offer.

You can use software and tools to collect pivotal information, such as search times, search terms, and the searching habits of your target audience. These include predictive analytics software that can give you a better understanding of your clients and their likes and dislikes and account-based marketing techniques that help reach out to targeted clients more effectively.

Automation tools, too, can improve the efficiency of the entire sales cycle.

What Is a Lead Generation Company?

Lead generation companies: A woman presenting to employees

Warmed up and qualified leads are the only two requirements of sales teams when it comes to earning more revenue. This is also where lead generation companies can be especially useful. They help deliver sales leads to you by advertising your service to several businesses and websites they are already in partnership with.

Yes, they make it that easy.

Lead Generation Agency vs. Lead Generation Company

Although used interchangeably, both these terms are actually different.

You see, a lead generation company delivers a list of leads from several channels, but a lead generation agency offers a strategy along with ways to improve your lead generation efforts.

A company gives you the total estimation of a qualified lead, the client cost, and the channel value, which also makes it a fitting solution for medium-sized businesses and enterprises. On the other hand, an agency estimates the cost of brand growth market share, and so on, making it more suitable for start-ups and small businesses.

How Does a Lead Generation Company Work, and How Can They Help Businesses?

Lead generation companies collect consumer and business information and then send it to salesforces who are willing to purchase high-quality leads. They categorize the data according to target markets and even organize leads depending on how interested or “warm” they are, which refers to interest levels of users in buying a product or service.

In addition to lead gen, these companies can also offer you plenty of other services, including:

  • In-house marketing teams
  • Database marketing
  • Providing databases of businesses
  • Free consultations about related processes

A few companies can also look after B2B appointment setting, and supply contact information of specially targeted leads after conducting market research. Lead generators also simplify lead nurturing by using specific techniques to identify the right leads that match your businesses’ buyers personas.

The best lead generation companies target and personalize lead generation campaigns, allowing you to enjoy reach that wouldn’t have been possible on your own. The lead generation process begins with building a website and then optimizing and maintaining it in a bid to attract visitors to obtain more information.

How Do Lead Generation Companies Get Leads for Businesses?

Lead generation companies use various digital marketing techniques to develop an efficient lead generation strategy that works for their clients. They start by increasing brand awareness by pushing your content that can drive traffic to your website.

A reliable way of doing this is through content marketing by using educated blogs, case studies, and videos. Take care that the content is optimized according to SEO rules to rank higher on Google search engines. Email marketing is an equally great way to push information about your product or service to a large audience – provided every email is properly drafted and hyper-targeted.

Companies can also use other tactics to get new leads:

  • Cold calling
  • Online advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Landing page optimization

Irrespective of the techniques used, the main idea of hiring a lead generation company is to firstly get high-quality leads and then nurture them from the top of the sales funnel towards the bottom stage to boost conversion rates.

How Can Lead Generation Companies Use Automation Tools Like QuickMail?

Lead generation companies: Two people discussing process workflow shown in a computer monitor

Companies can use marketing automation to create a unified lead generation process for their clients. Read on as we discuss the best-automated generation tactics that can help make the lead generation process simpler.

Easy Prospect Segmentation

Before you apply any strategy, you have to first segment your prospects to move business leads smoothly down the sales pipeline. You can organize new leads in a predetermined way and then proceed to create lead generation and qualification strategies.

Automation tools like QuickMail allow you to group your prospects in several groups based on different criteria. For instance, you can have a group for leads found on social media like LinkedIn and others from telemarketing.

You can also categorize prospects as per their roles and authority levels like decision-makers and managers, and so on.

Creating Predictable Pipelines

Pipeline creation is an integral part of lead generation and can be particularly useful to make an estimate of the number of replies you get daily, and then pass this stream of qualified leads to your clients.

QuickMail has an innovative Schedules feature to mail a specific number of prospects every day, giving you complete control over the number of emails sent. You can also fix a specific time when the cold emails will be delivered to the recipients.

Having a predictable pipeline in place enables you to get an idea of the number of replies you get every day. As a result, you can inform your clients how many qualified leads they can expect within a time period. Since this feature is automatic, you can then focus on other parts of lead generation instead of setting up a pipeline.

Automate Lead Scoring and Follow-Ups

Leads scoring is crucial, as it helps you identify prospects that should be given top priority. Similarly, follow-ups can also increase your chances of getting more replies from potential customers.

Automating these processes, however, takes things to the next level.

You can use QuickMail to automate the whole email outreach and follow-ups without losing that personal touch. You can create multiple accounts after setting up your drip campaign. The platform also has a Workflow feature that scores prospects according to their actions, such as clicking on a specific link or visiting your client’s website.

There’s also the option to perform A/B testing of emails and carry out deliverability checks to get a better idea of how your cold outreach is faring.

Lead Generation Companies Make Lead Generation Easier

Keyboard key labeled as generate leads

Marketing teams should definitely consider the services of the generation companies or agencies as they deem fit. Not only can they provide you with a steady stream of new leads, but they can also prioritize it, so you know which one you should target to boost conversion.

Automating the whole process is another great option as it can help save lots of time and deliver assured results. So get your free QuickMail trial ASAP to make lead gen more effective and customer acquisition easier and watch your business grow.

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