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Give Your Backlink Campaign Superpowers (No More Manual Outreach)

Do you currently spend time reaching out to site owners manually asking them to link back to your site? Save time by sending your emails automatically, in a way that looks personal.

Success Story: Driving Results #1 Link Outreach Tool for Thousands of Marketers

  • Joe from DigitalTriggers used QuickMail to get 437 responses to his guest post requests.



    Joe, DigitalTriggers 

    “We have always used QuickMail for our outbound emails, guest posts, and sponsored posts. You can send outbound emails, see how many outbound messages we sent, how many first touches, how many follow-ups, how many opens, how many clicks, how many replies, and more.”

Integrates With The Apps You Use Every Day


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Tired of Manual Outreach for Backlinks?

Manual outreach is time-consuming. Automate & focus on what you do best.

Backlink Outreach

Import your lists and create email sequences that fills in information like {{firstname}}, {{sitename}}, and other custom attributes.

Automate Your Follow-Ups

Did you know that a huge portion of email replies come from follow-up emails? Set up automatic follow-ups in QuickMail so that you never forget… and secure more links!

Automate Guest Post Requests

Looking to grow your presence on the web? Automate your email outreach and follow-up sequences so that you don’t have to message each website owner individually. 

Follow-Ups & Sequences

Create email sequences that feel like 1-to-1 emails so that you maintain that personal touch. Create automation rules so that you don’t have to do everything manually.

Click & Open Tracking

Want to see if someone has opened or clicked on a link in one of your emails? Never be left in the dark with open and click tracking.

A/B Test Your Emails

As marketers, we experiment all the time to find out what works best. A/B Test your outreach emails to find winning variations that drive results!

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Automate While Maintaining a Personal Feel Send Emails & Follow-Ups That Feel Like 1-to-1 Messages

  • Reduce manual work.
  • Secure more high-quality links just by asking.
  • Create a consistent sending schedule that’s completely automated.

Secure More Backlinks Reach MORE Website Owners

How can you build more backlinks? It’s all about being consistent with your email outreach. The more emails you send to authors and website owners, the more backlinks you’ll secure.

To do that, you need consistency.

But you’re already busy.

That’s where QuickMail comes in — setup a sending schedule, create your email and follow-up templates, then import your list.

After that, everything will be done for you automatically with the tool (and in a way that looks personal!).

The most you’ll have to do is reply to the emails from webmasters that will be flowing in once you run your campaign.

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