Today, it’s with great delight that I’m featuring Parker Woodward. A bright chap who loves to be involved with lots of things and is full of resources.

Parker obtained 28.16% in October:

Initial email response rate: 8.62%
First reminder response rate: 13.22%
Second reminder response rate: 6.32%

Who is Parker, can you give us a bit of background?

Jeremy caught me at 4:50am in the morning to write this. That devilish Swiss evil Genius!

It’s a special time of day where I am mostly reflective yet brutally efficient.

Oddly, whenever someone asks me “Who are you?” or “Can you tell me more about yourself?” I instantly and always think of one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard.

It’s a song by The Samples and it’s called “Who Am I?”…

I suppose I’m telling you this because when you listen to that song…you realize…

so much about yourself…

and you realize…

that life…

from our truly tiny and insignificant human perspective…life is just one long but fleeting moment that we call a lifetime.

We take it for granted…but in a moment…that can change.

So listen to that song and take a moment to ask yourself “Who Am I?”

Play this song and take 5 minutes and really listen to it and then come back here

My answer in a nutshell: I’m just a guy on a journey….a journey to live a happy and fulfilled life and help others do the same.

My background…I prefer not to focus on it that much…because I never really thought it mattered much…no matter who you are.

Yes I’ve built airplanes by hand and flew them around the country…

Yes I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of stuff…

had crazy adventures all over the world…

paid off all my debts in my 20’s so I could live and invest debt free forever…

but what matters to me is not my background. I believe this is the wrong question.

The greater question is…Who are you…and why.

Not what, are you doing what you are doing?

Why are you doing the things you are doing today?

It’s like that crappy weird conversation starter with a stranger at a party.

We’ve all heard it.

We’ve all said it.

“What do you do?”…

and the result is always the same…

This human being, a real person whom you could have a real human connection with that could benefit you in untold ways…becomes a wasted opportunity…

and the answers and the conversation quickly goes back to awkward…

Nothing is achieved by asking what…

So stop asking what.


Simply Ask Why.

“Why do you do what you do?”.

People will love you and remember you at every party from now on.

You’ll make a real human connection and benefit in untold ways!

Sure, your background can help to make your dreams come true.…

but nothing, not even your background, can help you accomplish your goals and dreams if you’re continually looking backwards and continually asking the wrong questions.

Look forward and always remember…

No matter what you’ve accomplished…what you’ve done in the past doesn’t matter.

It’s past.

You may be measured and weighed one day…

but that day is not today.

Look forward my friends and ask why you want what you want…then simply go after it.

And always smile when someone asks you who you are.

In one way or another they will ask…”tell me about yourself”…and you can smile and have the audacity and brevity to break out into song…

because now you know the secret.

So sing it out loud and share it often 🙂


Can you tell us a bit about your process? What do you use QuickMail for and how things have been working for you?

I’ve been using Quickmail to make my life more brutally efficient…so that I can write long reflective and hopefully inspiring novellas to future quickmail users 🙂 No seriously, I’m finding more and more uses for Quickmail it’s crazy! I love it.

As for my process…I’m constantly looking for a systematized process that can be repeated on auto-pilot. Quickmail is obviously a huge part of that.

For example, I’ve really only just started but the system works so why bother wasting precious time or energy if it works.

But essentially I setup a campaign in Quickmail. I always set at least 4 follow-ups.


Well did you know that the industry standard is 7 follow-ups before you make a sale?

That’s alot of work and quite frankly it sucks.

But that’s a reality.

People are busy and they actually appreciate that you follow up.

I know, sounds counter-intuitive right?

Well, if you have a solution that really works, and people really need it, and they are just plain busy and forget about it, they always are grateful for your perseverance and are always happy that they got your solution.

So, to sum up my process a bit with Quickmail…

I setup a sequence with plenty of followups…

then I go find my leads (I’ve been using lately with good results, ask for Richard Vo and tell him Parker sent you and he’ll take good care of you).

Then with the leads I filter and clean them up a bit (use and then dump those clean and filtered leads into Quickmail…boom…you are done

…go drink coffee at 4am and write long email replies to simple questions…

or do other stuff…

what matters is you CAN do other stuff.

What do I do?

Usually I use the time to find ways to be more efficient, like for example, I setup rules in Apple Mail to send any bounced leads to LeadFerret so they can credit my account and I don’t have to worry about holes in the system.

If you want the template and rule I use just email me and I’d be happy to give it to you.

How have things been working for me?

Who am I…to know this? haha jk…actually really well.

Just today I had 3 conversations with high-level players in a market I’m targeting with a new software venture I’m thinking of pursuing.

I setup the Quickmail campaign a couple weeks ago…and basically just waited for replies in my inbox. Pretty awesome (and to let you in on the secret the new software will cost $1,000 per month, so it’s no small cookie!)


When it comes to cold emails, what’s your mindset, how do you approach it? Any tips for the readers?

Mindset: Ask myself…how would I like to be contacted?

Also, just be tenacious with followups and dare to be different.

80% of it is just doing it.


Realtors always say Location, Location, Location…and they’re right.

If I can give one tip that you should remember…Copy, Copy Copy!

Your copy really matters.

Notice how I drew you into this article.

Note the formatting…

Yea it’s boring you say…

but you’re reading it!

If you have the greatest product in the world and no one knows about it then you have failed!

You have to be great at telling people why they should buy your product, from you and not someone else.

Studying copy, as boring as it might sound, will help you do that.

And trust me it’s fucking fascinating when you really get into it (and get results like someone handing you a check!).

You know good copy when you feel it.

The best copy comes from the mouths of babes. Literally, the best copy comes from the mouths of the people you’re selling to.

Record your calls and interviews and every bit of data you can and take great note of the words, phrases, and industry lingo that your audience uses. Then just use those same words in your copy.

Mimic your audience.

Why do you think they call it copy?

And start learning the great art of influencing and persuading people with copy.

And remember…As the saying goes “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”…

so in other words…don’t be a douche and sell crappy products people don’t need.

Seriously. Don’t be a douche.

You’ll be dead someday soon.

Do something that matters…Even if it only matters to you.

Listen to the lyrics of that song again for some inspiration


Anything else you would like to share?

-Have fun with it. Dare to try something different and test those daring impulses of yours. I was feeling a little devilish when I wrote one Quickmail campaign. I wrote a P.S. strategy that basically said I’m going to email you 337 more times until you reply so why not save us both some time and reply now? I got a bunch of pissed off people to reply and tell me to STOP!  (but I got a couple who thought it was funny and turned out to be great leads). 

-Always try to turn something bad into something good. Those pissed off people…I replied back and used the pendulum strategy to push them more into their pissed off mood and then swing them into a good nature by asking “I understand you’re pissed at me contacting you and you should be enraged. It sucks to get an email from someone trying to get something from you. If you were me, how would you have reached out?” Amazingly, that technique really swings people in your favor. Push them into their objection and then swing them into your corner with a hypothetical question that is the opposite of their current state of mind.

But most important tip…

Just do it.

Now that’s copy that just feels right.


What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

Anyone can contact me via email or if you want to chat schedule a time with me here (I have to keep it to 15 minutes bc I’m very busy but I’m happy to chat). I’d be happy to know you and know why you do what you do 🙂

Or send messenger pigeons, smokes signals, or a bluish purple flare into the air 🙂

Now go use Quickmail and start living the life you always dreamed of.

Peace Love and Chickenwings (cuz what else do you need to be happy!)

– Parker