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Reach More Passive Candidates In Less Time With Recruitment Email Automation

Instead of spending hours emailing talent manually, simply upload your list of potential recruitment candidates and send all at once, automatically. Create smart follow-up rules to get more replies.

Works with Outlook, Gmail, or your own custom domain.

Each and every email looks like a 1-to-1 message.

Reach Talent ⁠— Faster. #1 Email Outreach Tool for Recruiters

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    G2 Crowd Review from Recruitment Professional

    “QuickMail helps me contact large groups of people via email without having to use a product like Mailchimp.”

    The tool helps her send messages to potential candidates in a way that feels personal, like a 1-to-1 message (rather than a mailing list).”

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Reach Out to Your Candidate Lists Automatically

Sending opportunity emails to potential candidates can be time-consuming.

Recruitment Email Tool

Send recruitment emails to your prospect lists automatically, and import attributes like {{firstname}} to personalize your messages.

Create Follow-Up Rules

Most responses come from follow-up emails, so automatic follow-ups are the best way to win more candidates.

Works With Your Email Provider

Easily connect with Outlook, Gmail, or your own custom domain to send emails from.

Create Email Sequences

Create different email sequences for different stages in the recruitment process, saving you from extra manual work!

Click & Open Tracking

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not a candidate has opened your email and is interested in the position, QuickMail will tell you.

A/B Test Variations

See which messaging works best for your recruitment outreach emails. What message wins you the most interviews?

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All Messages Look Human Scale Your 1-to-1 Recruitment Emails

Unlike traditional marketing or sales tools that send messages that read like newsletters, QuickMail lets you send automated messages to your HR prospect lists quickly, while looking like a personal message that was crafted specifically for the candidate.

Recruit More Candidates Email Your Candidate Lists Quickly.

Some of the most talented people around are already employed.

Top companies know this.

In order to reach the most talented people faster than the competition, email automation and automatic follow-ups can help you secure more talent in less time.

All while keeping your messages personal and human. 

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Ready to Save Time by Automating Your Recruitment Emails?

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