Sales Prospecting 101: How to Create More Leads and Maximize Revenue


Sales Prospecting 101: How to Create More Leads and Maximize Revenue

October 28, 2020

Sales prospecting: Word prospects at the center of a dart board

Every sales team has a love-hate relationship with sales prospecting.

In the gold rush days, thousands of gold prospectors took shots at riverbeds and drylands, hoping to strike gold. Well, prospecting is the same process — you try to search for potential customers among hoards of people.

And yes, it’s just as tricky as it sounds.

In fact, 42% of sales reps consider prospecting to be the most challenging part of the sales process, but it’s also the most crucial.

Keep reading as we discuss how you can use prospecting techniques in the dynamic B2C and B2B sales landscape to further your business interests and land new leads that eventually convert to customers.

What Do We Mean by Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospecting involves identifying potential customers — either individuals or companies — that match your target audience. The end goal is to promote business growth.

The priority here is moving your ideal customer through the sales funnel until they finally convert into paying customers.

Prospect vs. Lead: What’s the Difference?

There’s a common misconception that a lead and a prospect are the same, but that isn’t the case.

People who express interest in what you have to offer are called leads. They might visit your website, signup for a product demo, or subscribe to your blog to learn more. Prospectors, on the other hand, are people who match your target audience and buyer persona.

When you qualify the leads by making sure your product solves their pain points, fits within their budget, and is similar to what they are looking for, they become prospects.

Understanding the Sales Prospecting Process

Sales prospecting: Hand turning knob with steps of the sale process

Businesses are always looking to generate inbound leads and outbound leads in a bid to maximize revenue and create a loyal clientele. But that’s just the gist of it — lead generation isn’t the only priority here.

Here’s what the whole process includes:

  • Researching your leads to understand how well they match your ideal customer profile, including their location and budget.
  • Qualifying leads according to predefined requirements, such as location and industry.
  • Prioritizing and scoring the qualified prospects based on the company name, company size, designation, age, and so on.
  • Identifying key decision-makers who decide whether to buy your product or not.
  • Reaching out to prospects and scheduling meetings.
  • Informing and educating prospects about how your product can solve their pain points and what its other benefits are.
  • Addressing any objections to smooth out the decision-making process and finally closing the deal.

3 Best Sales Prospecting Techniques To Drive Conversions

With the definition and process covered, let’s discuss the most exciting part of sales — prospecting techniques. Below, we‘ll discuss all the different sales prospecting methods you can use to enhance your prospecting efforts.

Traditional Prospecting

Traditional prospecting includes two of the most popular and arguably the most effective prospecting activities that help establish the first contact with people and get their contact information.


Sending warm and cold emails is an excellent way to reach your prospects. All you need to do is draft a cold email that addresses the crucial pain points of your ideal customer, along with a pitch of how your offering can solve all their woes.

You need to know cold emailing best practices for better results, but once you get the hang of it, it won’t be too difficult. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn more about the nuances of cold outreach.


Phone calls have always played an important role in sales prospecting, primarily because it arouses the receiver’s interest in what you have to offer.

When you cold call people, you pitch a product that they’ve never heard before. When they are aware or have an idea of what you sell, it’s called a warm call.

Researching your prospects is a crucial element of warm calling. You need to figure out where the lead works, what solution they require, and what their main pain points are.

When cold calling or cold emailing, your intention is to “warm the person up” to the idea of your product — something that’s only possible when you know the contact person. Hence, you should aim to find as much information as possible about your prospects.

Outdoor Prospecting

Going outdoors is also a vital element of sales development as it helps create more brand and product awareness. In this scenario, you hang out with your target audience in a casual backdrop. This makes them feel more at ease and listen to what you have to say about your product.

Conferences, Promotional Events, and Trade Shows

Attending business conferences, trade shows, seminars, and other professional promotional events will help you work, connect, and pitch — all the while having fun.

Try to understand what other attendees want and how your solution can be useful to them. If you make a successful pitch, you might score a business card or an exchange of email addresses or LinkedIn profiles — each of which can help you secure a potential sale.

An effective technique here is to simply listen.

You don’t need to be the center of attention. Instead, be attentive and try to collect as many contacts as you can. You can also share, gain knowledge, and build partnerships through these events.

Social Media Prospecting

Woman's hands using a mobile phone with social media icons showing

Here, you take all your prospecting efforts online by utilizing your company’s social media platforms.

Having accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others, gives you access to billions of people — yes, billions. Do you see why sales professionals always include social media as part of their prospecting strategy?


Facebook allows you to establish real-time contact with paying customers. You can advertise your products, join groups to spread awareness, and network with people in your industry.

However, it’s trickier than you think.

For instance, if you decide to join Facebook groups, you’ll find most of the professional groups are closed. To gain entry into these groups, you’ll have to answer several questions and prove you can add value to the group.


Sales organizations love LinkedIn mainly because it makes networking super easy. You can master LinkedIn outreach in no time by simply remaining proactive, commenting, and posting content on the platform.

In addition to connecting with several prospects, you can also join LinkedIn groups to raise brand awareness. Moreover, if you implement sales prospecting methods correctly, you’ll be able to land new clients and simultaneously establish yourself as a thought leader on the platform.

Reddit, Twitter, and Quora

Quora, Twitter, and Reddit are other places where you can showcase your expertise in front of people who share similar interests.

By consistently offering good and helpful answers and posting thought-provoking content, you can convert your readers into new prospects and even push them down the sales pipeline to make them your paying customers.

Why Cold Emailing Is Possibly the Best Prospecting Strategy

Cold email outreach and automated prospect communication is possibly the best way to make prospecting easier and more effective. Here’s how you can benefit through cold email prospecting:

  • Virtually everyone you need to reach has an email address
  • It’s quick and not very expensive to send emails these days
  • You can build your email subscription list
  • You can add visitors and readers to your sales funnel
  • You can convert quality leads into paying customers by nurturing them.

You have the option to make your emails more actionable and customized by directly addressing the recipient’s pain points and establishing your brand’s authority and credibility, which can validate your brand. Hence, it can be an excellent strategy to generate more leads and boost conversions.

Start Effective Sales Prospecting

Sales are becoming more buyer-focused, which is why using outdated and ineffective sales prospecting tools will do nothing for your business objectives. You need well-qualified leads, and you need them fast!

By sending cold emails, attending conferences, and engaging with potential customers on social media platforms, you not only grasp people’s attention but also grow your business quickly. Your life may not be easy but you will likely get some good results if you work at it.

Sign up for our free trial to automate your salesforce’s email outreach and follow-ups, and use our hyper customized email templates to boost your sales outreach efforts.

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