Send Automatic Emails

4 months ago

Send Automatic Emails

Get More Responses from Prospects With Personalized Email Automation

Win more sales deals and save time by sending personalized, automated emails that your prospects will want to respond to.

Send Automatic Emails

Send More Email & Receive More Replies

Forget manual work — send your email the automatic way. Each email looks personal, even when sent to many.

Send Automatic Emails

Get More Replies From Prospects

Using Gmail, Outlook, or a custom inbox, you can send emails to your prospects in bulk.

Get ahead of the competition by sending emails that your prospects will want to reply to because of their personal look and feel (they will look like they were sent manually).

Stand out in your lead’s inbox.

Get more reads, clicks, and responses and win more sales deals.

See Who Opens & Interacts With Your Messages & Set Follow-Up Steps

Ever wish you knew what your prospect was thinking?

With read and click tracking, you’ll know (in real-time) when your leads show interest in your email.

Instead of relying on memory, you can also create a follow-up schedule that will run for you automatically. It will only follow up when the prospect hasn’t gotten back to you, saving you time.

Send Automatic Emails


Sit Back & Watch the Responses Roll In

Instead of spending all of your time sending email manually to prospects, you can automate it with QuickMail so that you spend your time responding to leads and winning sales deals.

Imaging waking up to countless messages from cold leads that have been warmed up by your automated email and are interested in hearing more about your product or service!

Getting started is simple; simply import your list of leads and set your messages and schedule. It’s easy!


Each Email You Send Will Look Personal

Send Automatic Emails


Simple Pricing Starting at $49/mo



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