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sales email template: wooden cube with email icon
November 23, 2020

How To Write a Sales Email Template To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Sales reps have to come up with a compelling sales email template to get the attention of leads. But drafting the perfect cold email template can be tricky, especially when you’re an agency trying to connect… Continue Reading

email reputation: trash can labeled "spam"
November 21, 2020

11 Ways To Maintain Your Email Reputation

  Your value-packed email sequence with a witty subject line, personalized comment, and well planned follow-ups are no use if your email never reaches your prospect’s inbox. Deliverability should be your top concern for email… Continue Reading

Email subject lines: Woman received email on tab
November 20, 2020

How To Write Email Subject Lines Readers Want To Click On

While you should direct the majority of your efforts towards prospecting and email list building, crafting catchy and effective email subject lines can also help drive your email open rates. And, considering the whole point… Continue Reading

B2B email marketing: Lady checking her phone
November 19, 2020

B2B Email Marketing Made Easy: Everything You Need To Know

B2B email marketing isn’t going anywhere. Just think about it: Do you know any businessman who doesn’t use email? Exactly. Email marketing campaigns are highly relevant today and also one of the best ways to… Continue Reading

email marketing metrics: Student looking at graphs
October 27, 2020

Email Marketing Metrics: Which To Note and Which To Ignore

Let’s make one thing clear: Email isn’t dead. In fact, email is more lucrative than any other marketing channel, helping you generate $38 for every $1 you invest. Plus, nearly 99% of consumers have said… Continue Reading

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