Today it’s with absolute delight that I present you Tim Danyo, a man with a heart bigger than Swiss mountains and he is doing an awesome job at sending cold emails in the paid online communities market:

Tim obtained 41.1% response rate in August:

Initial email response rate: 22.7%
First reminder response rate: 11.04%
Second reminder response rate: 4.91%
Third reminder response rate: 2.45%

Read what he has to say and be inspired:



Hi, My name is Tim Danyo.

In the mornings and late evenings I am focused on building my software business. During the day, I work as a video producer creating business marketing and educational videos. I do a lot of sales over the phone, meetings in person, and working with past clientele. With my software business I’m in the research phase, so cold emailing has been the method that I’ve used the most to get folks on the phone to interview.

I have a lot going on all the time.

The life of an entrepreneur, working a steady job and being self employed, starting up a software venture, raising a family with four kids, and all the responsibilities that go into everything is a big challenge. The struggle is to keep focused and to overcome procrastination because it can get overwhelming.

Can you relate?

Enter QuickMail…

I heard about QuickMail while in the Foundation near the tail end of the 6 month intensive course. The Foundation is an amazing group of software entrepreneurs that are building SaaS businesses and a whole lot more. That’s actually where I met Jeremy Chatelaine. A bunch of people were having success with it so I tried it out.

Currently, I am tag teaming Streak and QuickMail together. Streak is my CRM within Gmail and QuickMail is my first email sender and automated follow up system to get those prized responses. Once I get a response from my QuickMail sequence, it shows up in Gmail and gets brought into Streak. Streak helps me organize all of the stages of the funnel which is nice.

I’ve got a four email sequence set up at 1,2,3,5 day intervals. I have not yet experimented with shifting up the intervals but I plan to follow more of the Fibonacci method which is 1,1,2,3,5. It’s more intense on the front end and lessens out as time passes. There is a bunch of psychology around the Fibonacci sequence if you care to read more into it.

I am building a follow up sequence for the people that respond to my first sequence and I invite them to connect via phone. My struggle has been once I get the first response it needs to convert to an actual real-time phone or Skype conversation. I found that the phone invite goes cold if I don’t keep following up. What better way to set up a follow up sequence than QuickMail!

I’d actually set up QuickMail for anything that needs a quick response. I could see it used to collect surveys, event confirmations, you name it. Whenever you need to bug someone. Haha!

My response rate has tripled since using QuickMail. Before I did everything manually in Streak. It was tedious. I had a follow up email snippet set up for every attempt. This process took forever! I missed a lot of opportunities because I wasn’t keeping up with non responses.

The cold emailing game is won or lost with follow ups. Hands down… that’s where the conversion success is found. You’ve got to keep the heat on and be unrelenting. The cool thing is that QuickMail is my gentle strong arm. I never feel like I’m bothering anyone because my big boss man QuickMail is doing the dirty work. Haha!

I’ve pretty much gone through the 200 hundred leads I had previously placed in Streak before QuickMail. I’ve got a 41% response rate. Big jump from the 8% before. I plan to acquire and upload 500 more leads and have 25 leads drip out every day until my call goals are met. Talk about a time saver!

Some thoughts on QuickMail for those who are new to it or thinking about using it. QuickMail will allow you to spend more time where it counts- email copy and getting people on the phone. You’ll need to let go of the urge to micro manage every stage of the cold emailing process. Once you take the time to set up your sequences and and load up your cue with a nice chuck of leads… You might be pleasantly surprised at how much free time you’ll have with more responses flowing in. Don’t be lazy! Use that free time to fine tune your process and get into the best part of sales which is meeting incredible people and building lasting relationships. Oh.. and making sales!


If you want to connect with me I’m at:



Tim Danyo – Software entrepreneur & new business developer