Our core values

1. Work Ethic comes first

(Wikipedia definition) Work ethic is a belief that work, hard work and diligence has a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character

This isn’t a regular 9-5 job. We believe in the value of working hard to win as a team. We operate more like a pro team where everyone has to be the best at what they do in order to win the championship.

This isn’t for everyone so if this doesn’t sound exciting to you, this is probably not the right company to join.

2. No compromise on integrity. Ever.

We won’t do anything to break the trust of our users intentionally. Without trust, there is no long-lasting relationship possible.

We believe there are no shortcuts to gain trust, only to lose it.

We would happily pass on any business opportunity if it meant we needed to compromise on this core value (we’ve happily done this in the past on multiple occasions and will continue to do so as the business grows).

3. We serve people first

We do business with people, and we treat them fairly like we would treat a friend, whether they are solo entrepreneurs or employees of major firms. If that means we won’t close a deal with a big company, so be it.

We are customer funded, we have no one else to please but our users.  You can expect us to leave the ego at the door and not make things about us.

Equally, if someone acts like a jerk, we’ll ask that person to leave. We are under no obligation to serve people we don’t want to do business with.

4. The buck ends here

We own whatever we take; there is no passing the buck. We care for problems to be fixed.

We are a no-excuse culture. You won’t find us hide behind any excuse, when we screw up, we’ll proactively spend energy trying to fix things rather than hide them.

We work super hard to exceed expectations and you can trust us to follow through or let you know that we won’t.