Core Values

Learn about our values and how we work.

1. LEARN – Be Knowledgeable, seek deep understanding relentlessly

Deep understanding: to be able to see and put all the pieces together to be able to make sense of it all

  • Develop a deep & concrete understanding of everything you touch.
  • Stopping at surface level, basic understanding, is not enough.
  • Actively seek to deepen understanding of what you do, including reason why, without the need for anyone to tell you to do so.
  • Not being able to explain something should be deeply unsettling.
  • Show curiosity for anything that could help you understand better, experiment yourself to solidify understanding.

2. IMPROVE – Always be candid.

Candour: the quality of being open and honest; frankness.

  • Tell things as they are and voice your opinion. Hiding feedback is a disservice to the team. You are letting the team down by not sharing your opinion.
  • Always chose candour over protecting ego. The goal is to improve ourselves, and growth happens at discomfort.
  • Always favor honest constructive feedback over social harmony. The market does not care about our feelings.
  • Be grateful for any candid feedback you receive as this is an opportunity to reflect and improve. Leave the ego at the door.

3. MOVE FORWARD – Have a strong bias toward action.

Bias toward action: promote action-oriented behavior, rather than discussion based work.

  • Don’t wait until you are being told what to do, take initiatives.
  • Don’t coast or we won’t have a job for long. A company not moving is a company that is dying.
  • Challenge status quo, or a competitor will do this for us and this will be more painful.

4. ACHIEVE – Take Ownership as often as possible, and deliver

Ownership: Taking responsibility for an idea or problem (in terms of execution & results)

  • Owning is deciding. If you ask someone else to decide, you are giving away ownership. Be confident in taking ownership. That’s how you’ll gain trust and responsibilities.
  • We own whatever we take; there is no passing the buck. We care for problems to be fixed.
  • Find ways to take ownership of 
  • Don’t waste time on excuses (we have a no-excuse culture). Do spend energy proactively communicating and fixing things rather than hiding them in hopes this won’t be discovered.
  • If you don’t do mistakes, you just didn’t take enough responsibilities.

5. SHARE – Continuously communicate

Thoughtful Communication: share or exchange relevant information, news, or ideas.

  • No communication means nothing is happening. As a remote team, we need to make an effort to communicate.