Woodpecker may be a tool that sends cold emails. QuickMail is the tool that lands your cold emails in your prospects’ inboxes. 

This key difference makes people look for a Woodpecker alternative, and to find QuickMail.

Virtually everybody who switched from Woodpecker to QuickMail stayed our client for a long time.

This page will explain why.  

One, warm-up and high deliverability are included.

If you don’t warm up your inbox and send cold emails, your deliverability will suffer over time. 

Woodpecker doesn’t offer email warm-up at all. There are services out there that charge you for that. Some charge north of $50/month per inbox. 

We believe that people should not pay for higher deliverability. 

That’s why we automate your email warm-up for free. We want you to win at cold outreach, not at how many tools you’re paying for.

Any decent warm-up software is basically a network of inboxes exchanging emails and replying to each other to increase engagement. Not exactly rocket science, despite how some companies market it.

Our Auto-Warmer does everything that a good warm-up tool does and more actually – we exchange emails on your behalf, monitor deliverability daily, unspam your emails in other people’s inboxes, auto-archive them, etc. 

Two, scale in volume easily and safely.

With QuickMail, you’re not limited to a single inbox per campaign. We're one of the few Woodpecker alternatives to have inbox rotation.

You can use multiple inboxes per campaign to spread the load across several inboxes. That way, you can increase the daily sending limit of a campaign without endangering your deliverability. All that with a single click.

Plus, you'll see how much easier it becomes to run AB-tests and make tweaks on a single campaign instead of a dozen.

Three, enjoy a predictable pipeline.

You need to set up a new Woodpecker campaign every time you get a new prospect list. Ugh.

With QuickMail, though, this becomes much more streamlined. You can automate how many prospects you want to contact each day.

So you can keep the same campaign running and automatically add new prospects at regular intervals automatically without having to resort to cloning campaigns over and over. 

You only need to make sure your campaign never runs out of prospects to contact now and then.

Four, auto-import new prospects directly from a Google Sheet.

With QuickMail, not only can you import prospects directly to your campaigns from a Google Sheet. The whole process is basically fire-and-forget.

Authorize access to your GDrive once, and pick a Google Sheet. Prospects will get imported automatically whenever the spreadsheet changes.

So you can say goodbye to tedious and error-prone manual imports every few days.

Finally, enjoy literally the best customer support.

Our customer support is in the business of solving problems, not marking tickets closed. 

Your business workflow is specific to you, so we won’t insult you by using canned replies, templates, or asking you to turn on and off your computer. 

Basic questions, complex workflows, unconventional setups – you name it. We’re here to help you be successful with your campaigns.

Try QuickMail for 14 days, on us.

Not having your emails delivered is not only annoying. It also sabotages your outreach in the long run. 

QuickMail takes care of your deliverability and gives you more flexibility than Woodpecker can offer. So you don't waste time, effort, and money on deliverability issues while your cold outreach brings you more results.

All you need to send your first campaign is a prospect list, an inbox, and the copy for your first email. All of which you already have in Woodpecker. 

Even if you somehow decide to stay on Woodpecker, you can still join our auto-warmer group to improve your deliverability.

Your 14-days free trial is on us. Click the button in the top right to start.