Frustrated that Yesware doesn’t have an integration with Zapier?

Good news: the possibilities are endless when using QuickMail and Zapier together.

QuickMail is a Yesware alternative that lets you send cold email and follow-ups at scale, including email and open tracking. It is team-friendly.

Create Clever Actions When Prospects Open your email, click on your links or respond

After sending out cold emails, you can easily connect to Zapier and select thousands of apps and tools to send your data to and create a custom action (no developer needed).

For example, after a prospect responds, you could set it up in Zapier so that each lead is then transferred into your CRM of choice (PipeDrive, HubSpot, SalesForce and more).

Or when a prospect reads a message, you could have it trigger an action in another app of your choice.

If you want to go totally crazy with it, you can even send new open, click or reply notifications to Slack!

With thousands of integrations, you can take your sales to the next level while staying aligned with other departments in your company (sales, marketing).

No Need to Wait on Your Development Team

If your cold email tool doesn’t have an integration with Zapier, you have to rely on developers to create custom code for you. They might have a large backlog of tasks already, and even then, not every tool has an API to work with.

As one of the top Yesware alternatives with a Zapier integration out-of-the-box, you can connect to thousands of apps in seconds. No developer needed.

Get More Responses from Prospects & Close Deals

Send outbound email at scale ⁠— each and every message looks personal. Track clicks, opens, and follow-up automatically based on the schedule you set.

Once the responses start coming in, you can use Zapier to create triggers and actions that connect to the tools that your company already knows and loves.