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With Personalized Cold Emails at Scale

6 secret weapons to get you more replies.


Follow-up like a King

...without lifting a finger

Have as many follow-ups as you need to get your prospect to respond. No more time wasted tracking who respond and who doesn't, we take care of that for you.


Be personal scale

Your prospect won't notice the difference. Your automated emails come straight out of your personal inbox as if you typed them yourself.


Send at the right time

...while you sleep

Automatically contact your prospects daily at a time that makes sense for them without you being involved at all.


Learn key insights

...with actionable metrics

Metrics are useless unless you consider follow-ups as part of the conversation. We do.


Discover what works experimenting

Use split testing to figure out what resonates most with your target audience.


Simple and accessible

...yet powerful

The intelligence is in the system, not in how people have to interact with it.

Our users found to be the perfect tool to implement advice from these 2 industry rock stars:


Aaron Ross

Predictable Revenue

Bryan Kreuzberger

Breakthrough Email

You'll be in great company


Logo_groove Logo_motiontree Logo_pusher Logo_pointdrive Logo_cartstack Logo_loyalis Logo_seatid Logo_edotdesign is so awesome. You set up the sequence and it does all the work for you. No more mind games and second guessing your efforts. I love it!
Testimonial_chad Chad Boyd, Founder of Txt2Give

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