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Run cold email
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The only cold outreach platform
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  • 3,000 Emails Sent per Month
  • 1,000 Prospects Storage
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Amazing Support
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Agency Plan

Multiple clients
under a single dashboard

The most robust & customizable platform with full visibility across all your campaigns.

$100 /mo /account

  • 100,000 Emails Sent per Month/ account
  • 30,000 Prospects Storage/ account
  • 40 Email Addresses/ account
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Reply handling
  • Dedicated Support
  • Global Dashboard
  • Constant Blacklist Monitoring
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Are You An Agency?

Have all your clients under one roof. Shift between client profiles with just one click. Give each client unique integrations, prospects, DNC, and more.

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Can I downgrade or cancel my plan anytime?

Yes - No contract is required to sign up. Use QuickMail for a month or 2, no problem. To update or cancel the subscription, just go to your Account Settings / Billing/Plan. When changes happen to your subscription, we prorate and calculate usage to the second.

Will I be charged automatically after the free trial ends?

Nope. No one likes surprises. We won't charge your card nor subscribe your account to a paid plan when the free trial ends. That's a no go for us, you stay in control of your purchase experience.

Why do I need to add my card info to sign up if it's free?

We require everyone to add their card information to prevent spammers from creating many accounts and abusing our system. That way we can provide a stable system and robust email deliverability for all our clients like we had through the years. Our trial ends without creating an automatic subscription, so you are safe.

Do you offer cold email marketing or lead generation services with QuickMail?

QuickMail is a platform for your outbound, sending cold emails at scale and handling replies. We don't provide cold email marketing or lead generation service, we focus on building the best platform. We recommend joining ourFacebook groupand asking for help as there are cold email experts and agency owners that are members of the group.

What IP addresses does QuickMail use?

QuickMail does not send the email through proprietary servers. QuickMail automates sending emails from the email account added as an inbox, so the IP address of the email provider will be the one used to send the email. E.g. If the inbox is Gmail, Google IPs will be used to send.

What servers does QuickMail use?

We automate sending emails from the email provider of that inbox. Emails are sent using the email provider's servers. E.g. if you have an Outlook inbox, Microsoft servers will send the email. We only tell Microsoft to send an email to certain email addresses. This way the emails you send are genuinely looking like emails you would send yourself from your email address.

Can I use multiple email addresses for sending emails?

Yes, it's possible to send emails from multiple email addresses (same of different domains) to distribute the volume of emails with ease using our advancedInbox Rotationsystem. You won't have to create multiple email campaigns to send emails from different inboxes, you can assign multiple email addresses to the same campaign.

How many team members can I add?

We don't punish you for growing your team. You may add as many team members as needed at no additional cost. No more sharing login and password, everyone on your team can have their own login details. Our auditing log helps you to keep an eye on what your members are doing.

Can I send emails to people who haven't subscribed (opt-in) yet?

Yes, we are a cold outreach tool. It's made to open business with companies you never contacted before. It's no different from phoning a company and asking them if they would be open to your value proposition, except this is done by email.

What integrations do you offer?

We offer different integrations to help people automate their workflow and make them more effective. Here's the list of integrations that we are currently supporting:Integration

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