50 cold email subject line examples you want to know


50 cold email subject line examples you want to know

by Jeremy
May 8, 2019

Projections show that billion more emails will be sent in the next 12 months compared to the previous 12 ones.

Billion with a B… and yet.

Seems like we’ll definitely need to write subject lines that will catch people’s eyes, right?

Except that’s complete BS.

But, how can you say that Jeremy? If people don’t open your email, they won’t reply, right?

There are also many millions of new inboxes created each day. Sure, more emails will be sent, but that doesn’t mean the volume of email for inboxes will grow accordingly.

What it means is that you have to be targeting prospects properly.

Ok, Jeremy, if you want, now tell me the best subject line that will get opens? Surely with your tool who can send cold emails, you can tell me that.

Yes, I can.

Send an empty one. That’s as good as adding one. I know, I looked at the stats on my cold email software and they don’t lie. It’s data. And you know what? It makes sense.

Why? Because most people read their emails (or don’t), middle ground (that is people opening just a part of the emails they see in their inbox) is rare. That also makes sense.

Unless your email scream “I’m junk, throw me in the trash bin” (in this case you’ll be flagged as spam… after opening your email). People will open the email or decide based on the preview.

You’d be much better thinking about your value proposition and your target audience than the most catchy subject line.

Here is why:

If you manage to find an intriguing subject line or something subject to interpretations you will get more opens. That’s a fact.

Does that mean you’ll get more of what you want? No. You won’t. You are optimizing for the wrong thing.

They’ll read your first few lines and feel cheated, tricked? They will resent you, but won’t do business or connect with you.

Focusing on open rate is for losers. It’s a vanity metrics that will make you win in an area that doesn’t matter.

OK, it is actually important to have a good open rate, but for monitoring deliverability not for measuring success (and there are better tools for that!)

In cold emails, the game is not to get more impression of your email, it’s the connect with the right prospect.

So, what should my subject line be there for a cold email? Come on Jeremy, spit it out!

Ok, a subject line is a contract between you and your reader. That’s it.

Oh, and don’t believe all that rubbish going on the internet about subject lines for cold emails. Most simply don’t have enough volume for stats to be significant.

So, here are 50 cold email subject you can use depending on your content.

Just make sure they match what you will talk about in your email body

  • Empty subject line (when you can’t be bothered)

If you have a quick question… (for them or concerning their company)

  • Quick question
  • Quick question {{}}
  • Quick question {{prospect.first_name}}

Networking, building connections

  • Hi/hello from (your name / your company/ your location)
  • Coffee maybe?
  • Founder to founder
  • (Name prospect) + (your name)

Eye-catching, young vibe, not serious (useful to connect)

Just state what you offer. Shocking!

  • Explainer video for your website/(company name)
  • SEO service to get you ranked 1st on (insert keyword they may want)

Serious people only, down to business, what you want.

  • Meeting next (day)?


Anyway, pick one of 2 and roll with it. Your time will be better spent on your targeting and value proposition. -> No BS cold email tips




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