Come and join a kick ass team!

1x Frontend developer on Angular – 100%

This is a rare opportunity to work for a 100% customer funded and profitable global internet tech start-up within a small structure

You’ll be working on the next version of our flagship product (QuickMail.io), a web application tool for sending business-to-business cold emails used by small and medium businesses all over the world to reach out to potential clients and grow their business.

Last September, we initiated a complete rewrite using Angular & GraphQL and need someone capable to help push the product over the finish line.

As part of a small agile team, you’ll get the chance to work directly with the founder & take ownership of technical development as you grow into the role.

Since the team is international, our communication is done solely in English so knowledge of German is not required.

The magic words expected in the application form are: silicon valley.

If you relish a challenge and wish to join us, please read on.

Our current stack:

– Frontend: Angular 6 (moving to 7) with Rxjs, Pug & Bootstrap 4

– Communication layer: GraphQL & Apollo

– Backend: Ruby on Rails 5.2, Sidekiq & Webpack 4

– Hosting: Heroku with Postgres & Redis

– Extra services: AWS for EC2 & Route

Your responsibilities will include:

– Primarily building components & services for Angular to complete UX design screens.

– Develop new features, fix UI problems & communicate progress.

– Document your work and write unit tests.

– Support various APIs (Gmail API, Microsoft Graph, and other 3rd party APIs)

– Data analysis and extending internal tools for helping support and business decision-making.

What you’ll need:

– A deep love for your craft, you are a developer at heart (mandatory)

– Great analytical skills with a demonstrable ability to simplify complex things.

– Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

– Proven understanding and concrete experience with Angular (personal or professional)

– Practical knowledge of CSS3 & HTML5 (we don’t support IE)

– Understanding of how Postgres and Redis databases work (scalability and optimization…)

– Good command of Git (pull request, rebase…), NPM & Yarn

– Backend experience with Ruby on Rails will be highly beneficial.

Some of the Benefits of coming to work with us:

– Your work will be meaningful, your contribution will make a direct impact on the users and the company as you work on the core product in a small team.

– You’ll be working on a phenomenal product with minimal tech legacy. Our users love our software already and are eagerly waiting for the next version to be released. We have no external investors, so our vision is longterm and always to serve our customers best.

– We are agile, follow the Scrum methodology for development.

– We are fully transparent, so you’ll get direct exposure to how the business works. If you want to understand how things work under the hood, it will be hard to find a job with more exposure.

– As we grow the company, this is your chance to be one of the very first employees and contribute to the success of the company.

– State of the art equipment to work with (modular standing desk, top-line IMac or MacBook pro, and Aeron Miller chairs).

– Flat hierarchy, very little red tape, decisions are made fast with zero office politics.

– We value practice over theory. Juniors are very welcomed as long as they can demonstrate examples of what they can do (relevant to the position).


We don’t consider job agencies.

How to apply

Send us an email at jobs+dev@quickmail.io with the following:

The subject line should be the magic words.

In the email, explain why you want to join our companywhy you think you are the perfect fit for this company and attach your Angular component file (see below).


Write an Angular component “button” and join the result component file “button.component.ts” with your email application along with a description of how to use your component and your technical decisions. Please rely on Bootstrap 4 for CSS.

Specification for the “button.component.ts”:

We want to have a special button component for whenever the application needs to call the server or perform an operation before the operation is completed.

– The button has a configurable label (e.g. “Execute”, “Send”, “Enable”/”Disable”…)

– The button should visually represent that an operation is in progress once clicked (e.g. “Loading”, “Please wait”).

– The button should visually represent if the operation failed (turning red, and display the custom error text provided by the application in small red font)

– The button should be disabled when an operation is in progress or by the application.