If you’re ready to start scaling your outreach campaigns, you’re going to need a cold email tool to help you.

If you try to do everything manually, you’ll spend days sending emails one by one.

Cold email software will let you:

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Personalize emails at scale
  • Never forget to follow up
  • Collaborate with your team and close more deals

The price of most cold email tools will be covered by the time you’ll save in the first few days of using it. You’ll start more conversations, and close more deals than you would without it.

If you’re serious about sales, you need a cold email tool.

In this guide, we’re going to show you some of the best options. Despite most tools doing fundamentally similar things, there will be different options best suited for different needs.

Features to Look For in Cold Email Software

Easy Personalization and Scheduling

Cold emails won’t work if you don’t show your prospects that you understand their goals and motivations. You’ll need to personalize every email. Most tools, including QuickMail, will let you use merge tags to add snippets of personalization to emails.

You’ll be able to insert unique data for every prospect like:

  • {{prospect.first_name}}
  • {{company.name}}
  • {{a unique introductory sentence}}

That way you can easily build a basic outreach template but insert unique, dynamic personalization so every email you send is custom to the recipient.

You’ll still need to add personalization – but once that’s in place, just hit Send your campaigns will start sending on your pre-defined schedule. 

Tracking and Reporting

Look for analytics features that track stats like open rates, click-through rates, and (most importantly) reply rates. These let you understand how well campaigns are performing. You can use that data to make decisions on things like your call-to-actions, the number of follow-ups you send, and more.

Collaboration Features

If you’re going to have more than one team member working on your sales campaigns, you’ll need collaboration features.

Look for features like a shared dashboard for your whole team’s campaigns, inbox rotation to change who emails are sent by, and analytics that let you see granular details on individual and overall performance.

Best Cold Email Software to Send Emails at Scale

1. QuickMail

Sales engagement platform for lead generation agencies and sales teams who to grow with email outreach and work as a team

If you run a sales team or run lead generation at your agency, you need a sales engagement platform that lets your team collaborate and manage every outreach campaign in one place. QuickMail can help.

Our platform lets your team automate your outreach campaigns and schedule follow-ups from one place. You’ll have access to detailed metrics to see what works, and ensure your campaigns deliver the ROI you need.

QuickMail integrates with Gmail and Outlook, or your custom inboxes. You can send up to 1,500 emails per day per inbox on our Pro plan.

Send Personalized Cold Emails and Follow-Ups

Our platform will let your team easily create outreach campaigns, follow-up at defined intervals automatically, add tasks to do (like a reminder to connect with someone on LinkedIn), or even send an SMS.

You can create automations that add your prospects to campaigns at certain times, for example, early morning when you know your prospects are checking their inbox. You can start your day without worrying about needing to hit send.

Manage Team Communication in One Place

QuickMail lets you manage your whole team’s campaigns from one dashboard. You can also use the inbox rotation feature to switch who emails come from, without having to rely on remembering to do it manually, and see detailed analytics on team performance.

Integrates With Your Favorite Apps

As you would expect, QuickMail has integrations with all of your favorite tools like Zapier, Calendly, Aircall, NeverBounce, and more. Check out all of QuickMail’s integrations here.

You’ll be able to integrate your email campaigns with your other sales processes and easily scale your outreach.


  • Multiple team inboxes in one place
  • Build complex campaigns
  • Personalize at scale with merge tags
  • Zapier integration
  • Email verification and deliverability optimization to keep you out of the spam filter
  • Awesome support team

2. GMass

Sending email campaigns and add powerful features to Gmail


If you want to keep things simple and manage your cold email campaigns straight from your Gmail inbox, GMass is for you. It’s installed as a Chrome Extension, and you can then access powerful features right inside your inbox.

It lets you use Google Sheets to create mail merge fields, so you can still personalize at scale despite the simplicity of the tool.

GMass also lets you schedule your campaigns, follow-up automatically, and will categorize replies to prevent inbox clutter.


  • Send campaigns from Gmail
  • Build email lists from your Gmail contacts
  • Campaign analytics

3. Streak

Adds useful CRM functionality to your Gmail inbox

Streak, in a similar way to GMass, integrates directly into your Gmail account. However, they add even more functionality on top by transforming your inbox into a flexible CRM.

It saves you having to connect standalone cold email software with a third party CRM by handling everything in one place.

You can also create snippets, which are templates that you can quickly use to eliminate repetitive work and speed up the time it takes to reply to emails.


  • See details with details on leads
  • Transform your standard inbox into a CRM
  • Link multiple Gmail accounts

4. Close

A complete sales CRM with both email and calling integrations

Close is a popular CRM and sales platform that’s packed with features. You can send and manage emails, create tasks, and even cold call right from your dashboard.

As you would hope, you can create personalized email drip campaigns, re-use email templates, and pause campaigns for any leads that reply.

You can upload your prospect list then schedule your campaigns to be sent at any time you choose. You can also create follow-up and other task reminders, and track metrics such as open rates to see what’s working.


  • CRM features
  • Share email templates
  • Add multiple steps and delays between emails

5. Reply.io

Manage LinkedIn and email outreach in one place

Reply.io is a platform that bundles together email search, LinkedIn outreach, and cold emailing. You can find emails and build a prospect list within Reply, then upload prospects to your personalized campaigns.

As you would expect, you can track and monitor the performance of your campaigns, and Reply also includes features to help you write a clear, compelling cold email template.

It’s a bigger platform than most of the other recommendations here, because it integrates a prospect database and LinkedIn outreach with an email sending platform.


  • Prospect database
  • Combine LinkedIn Outreach and cold email
  • Integrates with popular CRMs

6. Yesware

Simple but effective email tracking for prospecting teams

Yesware is an ‘all-in-one toolkit’ for sales. It lets you send emails, track results, schedule meetings, and integrates with both Salesforce and LinkedIn.

You’ll be able to track how prospects interact with your email, seeing if people receive, open, and engage with content like links to proposals or sales decks.

Yesware’s email automation features mean you can schedule emails to send at specific times and send follow-up campaigns  on autopilot, which will make your sales prospecting simple and predictable.


  • Detailed email tracking
  • Event-based notifications
  • Send cold emails and automate follow-ups
  • Auto-populate campaigns with your Salesforce data

7. Salesmate

Ideal for teams wanting a platform to manage their sales pipeline and automate their sales process

Salesmate is a platform for teams to manage their sales outreach, cold calling, and sales productivity.

It offers more than just cold emailing, but for the sake of this post, we’ll just focus on those features. You can use their Sequences feature to build email campaigns that send on a predefined schedule. You can even integrate automated SMS messages into those sequences, useful for ABM campaigns.

You can set up a variety of personalized settings on how to handle things like what to do if you get an out-of-office reply, campaign exit criteria, and assigning tags to prospects.

It’s a powerful tool and great for teams who want to collaborate on both sending emails and seeing their CRM activity in one place.


  • Send automated emails and follow up sequences
  • Send SMS messages
  • Collaborate with team members on email campaigns and CRM activity

8. SalesHandy

Improve sales productivity with a tool designed for your inbox

SalesHandy is a sales enablement tool to help your sales team be more productive and effective. You can use it to track email engagement, send follow-ups, and create templates.

There’s a built-in send limiter so you don’t send too many emails per day, and it also includes an email verification tool to help ensure you’re only contacting people on their real email.

SalesHandy does everything you’ll need to send and follow-up with prospects, and it’s compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and other mail providers.


  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Mail merge functionality
  • Detailed metrics and analytics

9. MixMax

Easily schedule meetings with cold leads over email

If you’re regularly booking meetings with prospects, MixMax is a solid choice, thanks to the built-in scheduling features.

You can add your schedule directly into your emails (although the MixMax logo will show up), which enables your prospects to quickly book meetings to continue the conversation.

You’ll be able to see detailed analytics on how people engage with your emails, and how many people RSVP to your meeting invites.

Your emails can be easily personalized thanks to integrations with most CRMs, and you can update your CRM records directly from Gmail to keep your workflow simple.


  • Built-in calendar for meeting scheduling
  • Create templates and automated email sequences
  • Salesforce integration

10. Outreach

Cold outreach tool for teams who want insight into team and individual performance

Outreach.io helps sales teams connect with prospects at scale using multi-channel sales sequences.

As the name suggests, it’s full of features specifically for outbound sales teams. You can create multi-step, multi-channel sales campaigns that send reminders to your team to pick up the phone and call, send a follow-up email, or connect with a prospect on LinkedIn.

It’s an effective platform for teams, as sales managers can see insights into individual performance


  • Create multi-touch sequences
  • Personalize outreach with insights from LinkedIn and your CRM
  • Detailed analytics into team performance

11. SalesLoft

Helps B2B sales teams with a large team of sales reps

SalesLoft is a platform for sales engagement designed to help you engage with prospects and track your activities to see what’s working.

You’ll have a clear overview of your sales activities and important tasks in one place, so you never leave a prospect waiting for a reply for long.

SalesLoft integrates with Sales Navigator and Salesforce, so you can easily review your CRM records and make sure every email you send is personalized and timely.

As you would hope, you can also create and save templates that you can re-use, and see detailed metrics on things like open rate, reply rates, and click-through rates.


  • Create email templates and cadences to send to prospects
  • Analytics and visibility into sales reps’ activities
  • Salesforce and LinkedIn integrations
  • Activity syncs with your CRM

12. Snov.io

Combines a sales CRM and automated outreach platform

Snov.io is a platform to help you identify good leads, engage with them using email outreach, and manage deals in a sales CRM.

If you want a platform that helps you with everything from prospecting to managing deals in your CRM, it’s a great option. They collect data on companies and accounts to help you identify good-fit prospects, then import them into your campaigns and automate your sending and follow-ups.

There’s a Gmail extension to track engagement inside your inbox, and you can also see stats on performance inside Snov.io itself.


  • Prospecting database to find potential customers
  • Send mass emails easily
  • Track your performance and see detailed analytics

13. Mailshake

Simple and easy-to-use cold email tool

Mailshake is a popular sales outreach tool that lets you create personalized campaigns, upload your prospect lists, and schedule follow-ups.

There’s an integrated phone dialer so you can bring cold calls into your sequences as well. It connects with Gmail, Outlook, and other email providers via SMTP and connects with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot.


  • Zapier integration
  • Upload prospect lists and personalize with merge tags
  • Track results with detailed analytics

14. Vocus.io

Combines a cold email platform with Gmail integrations

You can use Vocus.io to draft, schedule, and send cold email campaigns. You can add attachments, which is a good way to increase engagement on your follow-ups (for example, by adding a more proposal or portfolio of work). As well as that, you can install their Gmail extension to track opens and links and get reminders to follow-up inside Gmail.

You’ll also be able to create a calendar, similar to MixMax, so it’s easy for prospects to book meetings with you.

After you’ve sent your campaigns, you can see detailed reports that are easily shareable to ensure your whole team stays up to date on what’s working.


  • Gmail add-on to track performance
  • Send and schedule drip email campaigns
  • Create a personal calendar page that prospects can use to book meetings with you

6 Bonus Tools to Improve Your Cold Email Campaigns

1. Find Emails with Clearbit Connect

Find emails and enrich your prospect profiles

Before you think of sending an email, you’ll need someone’s contact details. Tools like Clearbit Connect help you find the email addresses for people you want to reach out to. 

As well as helping with email details, it’ll also help you find their social profiles (so you can connect with them) and other relevant details about their company, industry, job, and tools they use at work.

If you need help finding email addresses, it’s a great tool.

2. Verify Emails with NeverBounce

Verify your emails are valid and reduce your bounce rate


High bounce rates are a bad sign. If your emails aren’t landing in your prospects’ inboxes, email service providers will see that you’re not using email in a natural way. You’re more likely to end up in the spam folder and you’ll see poor results from any email campaign you send.

To avoid unnecessary bounces, use NeverBounce to verify your email list.

Simply upload your contact list and NeverBounce will tell you if they’re valid or not, in under 10 minutes. Email verification is a simple but essential part of any successful outreach plan.

3. Send Personalized Videos with Loom

Record short videos that you can embed into your email

If you want to stand out in your prospects’ inbox, try using Loom to record a short video pitch instead of writing it out.

This is a great tactic to help show that you’ve done your research, have clear value to offer and proves that you’re not just emailing 500 people with the same boring template, but are willing to put genuine effort into your outreach.

Loom links show up as a video preview in Gmail, so it’s a great way to make your email stand out.

4. Avoid Typos with Grammarly

Check your spelling, grammar, delivery, and tone


Ever sent an email and immediately realized you made a typo? We’ve all been there. To avoid making errors that could hurt your credibility, consider running your cold email copy through a tool like Grammarly. It runs a check on spelling, grammar, and delivery to help you see if there are ways you can improve.

There’s a Chrome extension and it’ll highlight errors in your inbox, or when you’re writing your cold email templates in your cold email software.

5. Automate Busywork with Zapier

Save time every day by automating repetitive tasks and connecting apps

Zapier lets you connect your cold email software to thousands of other tools and automate boring tasks.

You can create automate repetitive tasks, and do things like:

  • Get a notification in Slack when a prospect replies
  • Update a CRM record when someone clicks a link
  • Create a new deal in your CRM when someone replies

You’ll save hours every week, and don’t need to know any coding to use Zapier. It’s a great way to ensure your cold email campaigns run smoothly. 

However, if you’re just starting out with cold email, don’t over-optimize things too early. Figure out what works, then start building your automations to suit your proven workflow.

6. Get to Know Your Prospects with Crystal

See detailed personality profiles and tailor your outreach messages

Crystal gives you pointers on how to communicate with prospects. It shows you details on what communication style people like, so you can tailor your cold outreach and follow-up meetings to match their expectations and ensure things run smoothly.

Expect to see tips like “Appreciates details”, “Likes to make quick decisions ” or “Dislikes claims without data”.

It’s a simple way to improve your outreach and get more replies.

Getting Set Up

Most of the tools on this list, including our own, QuickMail have a free trial. You’ll be able to test them out and see what you like about them.

For example, one tool will suit your workflow better than others, or one will have a more responsive support team than others.

If you’re ready to start sending cold emails that get replies, you can get set up with your free trial of QuickMail here

Simply connect it with your email account, upload your prospect lists, and start closing more deals.